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= Stories For Discussion =
#[ Is Barnaby Jack back at it?] - [Larry] - Last year after a gagged attempt on revealing flaws in a popular ATM machine, it looks like he's back on for BlackHat this year. Because a year has passed, he's been given another year to research, this time to demonstrate a rootkit, for not one, but two ATMs. Jeff moss is stated as saying "Jack has a living room full of ATMs."#[ Silent patches] - [Larry] - Core Security Technology reveals that Microsoft released two patches that patch for "secret" vulnerabilities. The information on these vulnerabilities were never disclosed, but were reversible form the patches. So, what do you think about silent patches and the disclosure? Not giving admins the correct information to choose deployment schedule? Providing info to an attacker?#[ Chinese Wifinders] - [Larry] - Wireless cracking and piggybacking has come to the masses. For about $25, you get a USB wireless card, antenna and an apparently customized Version of Backtrack, that will get you some wifi keys, and set up your windows install to use them.#[ Getting phished can happen tot he best of us] - [Larry] - It just goes to show that someone who is savvy can get owned. Of course they were able to realize that they had been phished, and what it meant, AND how to address it. How many of our grandmas would know?#[ I can stalk you!] - [Larry] - Hmm, how about stalking through twitter. This project is intended to raise awareness on inadvertent information sharing through social networks by harnessing teh power or metadata.
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