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# In my speed debates in Las Vegas and Ottawa, the question "do vulnerabilities matter" sparked lively discussions- and the consensus was opposite at the two events.  (in LV, Corman, Dennis Fisher, HD and I all took the "no" position, audience agreed. In Ottawa I was alone in that position on the panel, and the audience was against me, too).
#Another one from the debates- Security Metrics- are the real and actionable?  Recent studies into medical science have shown that even the scientific methods we hold up as the standards are plagued with errors and outright fraud- where does that leave a new and rapidly evolving industry like ours?
And one from Larry...
#We've argued on the podcast that privacy is dead. What about security? Is security dead too? I ask, and would argue in one direction after seeing much more of the tender underbelly of SMBs, State and Local governement, and seeing the state of security there...
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