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= I Wish I Were Him =
Original by Ben Lee. Covered and lyrics by Joshua Wright.
It may sound stupid when I say it out loud
Like I'm just jealous of his silver cloud
Paul's crazy as hell he drinks beer like it's Coke
Gets his cigars sent by air not boat
I wish I was him
He gets the girls at his feet
And all his cool friends
He gets his hardware for free
I wish I was him
He pays no software fees
I wish I was him
He's got Metasploit commit access
Scripts like a god
He's got a lot of seeds for RSA key fobs
Larry's got his stalker fan club, his hack naked toys
He knows mudge and all the l0pht boys
I feel much better now I've let it all out
'course Larry's got big biceps and a masculine shout
Don't want to sound like I'm being mean
John plays guitar much faster than me
I wish I was him
Girls at his feet
I wish I was him
Hardware for free
I wish I was him
No software fees
I wish I was him
I wish I was him
= Interview: Randal "Merlyn" Schwartz=


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