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#[ Hackers replace Sesame Street vids with hardcore porn] - Since Larry was in disney for the last week and could probably use a good porn story about now.
#[ Mobile malware waiting for the $$$ to be there] - Right now malware on mobile devices is relatively small potatoes.. when will the moment that people start focusing on this? What monetary value has to be there for this to be aggressively attacked using a free game or something. Perhaps the Walled Garden of Jobs is not such a bad idea?
#[Siri 'flaw' isn't as bad as it sounds... its a very easy setting change. And how many people lock their phones anyway.#From what I can read its not Stuxnet return its the next phase or next thing they are working on. Still up in the air if Duqu does anything or is just out there gathering information for what will be the next attack from the stuxnet folks.
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