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= Ron Gula Interview =
1:15 PM
10 Things You Shouldn’t Do For Cyber-Security Awareness Month - According to the Department of Homeland Security, October 2011 is national CyberSecurity Awareness month. With the best intentions, I’ve laid out ten items that you shouldn’t do in an attempt to raise awareness. I’ve seen these items backfire, cause disruption and raise awareness of how security can make our life less convenient and questionably more secure.
Ron's Top Ten List:
10 – Perform a Client Side Penetration Test
9 – Switch to IPv6
8 – Learn Government Compliance Standards
7 – Read Computer Security Related Books of Fiction and Fact
6 – Engage in a religious debate about the most secure OS, phone or Web Browser
5 – Run a Honeypot
4 – Blame any attacks or viruses outbreaks on China
3 - Publish lists of People’s Cracked Passwords
2 – Patch all of those systems that haven’t been patched in a long while
1 - Turn off your Anti-Virus Product
= Tech Segment: Concealing Storage in Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service =


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