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PaulDotCom rapid fire questions round (TM):
# What Which 3 letter acronym scares you the most?# If APT were When playing a drink, what would it taste likegame of ass-grabby-grabby do you prefer to go first or second?
# Android, iOS or Blackberry?
# Sneakers 3 Words to describe yourself.# In a life or Wargamesdeath situation if you had to give mouth-to-mouth recessitation to someone would you rather it be 1) Linday Lohan 2) Kevin Mitnick 3) A Defcon attendee chosen at random # How did you get your start in information security?# 3 words Tell me about the early days of Defcon, how did you use get the idea to describe CISSPs..start a hacker conference?# Were the initial Defcon conferences "crazy" because of the age of the participants, hackers outlook on life in general, just some irresponsible people, all of the above? What are some of the more funnythings that have happened at previous Defcon conferences.# Describe DefCon planning At some point you went on to create Blackhat, how did that come about?# Many people have commented that when you sold Blackhat to CMP Media you were "selling out", What is your response to such comments?# How has the attendee composition of your conferences changed over the past few years?# Do you worry that "hacking" (white-hat, not pejorative) today is becoming less of an intelectual challenge and more "here, click this link"? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?# Recently several organizations have suffered major security breaches, including HBGary, RSA, and Sony, what should organizations be learning from these breaches?# Looking forward, what security trends, offensive or defensive, scare you the most?# On the flip side, what trends, if any, in two wordsinformation security give you the most hope?# How have companies outlooks on security changed over the years? Are making progress by speaking about security issues or is it falling on def ears?# On a federal level, do you believe the Government should regulate and/or enforce secure coding practices?# Tell us about your work with the Security Advisory Council.# What are your responsibilities as ICANN Chief Security Officer?
= Guest Tech Segment: Jon McCoy =


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