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[ BlueHat Prize Q&A with Katie Moussouris]
= Paul's Stories For Discussion #[ Security Advisory: [security bulletin] HPSBPI02728 SSRT100692 rev.1 - Certain HP Printers and HP Digital Senders] - Looks like HP is jumping on the problems with the printers that have firmware updates turned on. If you have printers on your network (snicker) then you should be rolling out this patch.#[ nCircle Patterns Blog: Which Half of Your Business Are You Protecting?] - This is the same old story, business are only looking at the perimeter, ignoring security on the rest of the environment. I see this both ways in the vulnerability management front. It seems eitheran organization will scan the inside OR the outside, but not always both. You need to be managing vulnerabilities on all systems. Of course, thats the tricky part, getting full coverage of everything that connects to the network in today's world.#[ HP Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Printer Software Vulnerability] - The community rises to fight printer vulnerabilities, whooohoo! Do we need to get lawyers involved though? Maybe thats what it comes down to. I think the difficult part may be showing loss, as the vulnerabilitiy is not being exploited in the wild to my knowledge.#[ Facebook glitch gave access to other users' private pictures] - Lots of drunk half naked women/girls were exposed. Sorry, just had to say it.#[ apologises for bundling] - Apologies? How about a process that verifies what is being downloaded? CNET should be publically shamed for letting this happen. Oh wait, I just did.#[ Staff to be banned from sending emails - Telegraph] - I wish more people would do this. I don't think it would help security, but it would make for better communication. So many people use email where IM could work better.#[ Carnal0wnage & Attack Research Blog: Embeding A Link To A Network Share In A Word Doc] - This is great for tracking documents.#[ Hacking On A Dime: “Hacking” Printers - PJL Basics] - Great article on PJL, anytime you can get a breakdownof this protocol its a good thing, because its a messed up protocol.#[ Top 5 Security Influencers] - This is just a great list, and I totally agree. Security is about people.#[ sslyze – Fast and Full-Featured SSL Configuration Scanner] - We bash SSL, fact is so manySSL implementations are just wrong. Use this tool to make it right.#[ 3 Common Ways Security Fails People] - "1) It gets in the way. 2) It makes life more difficult. 3) It doesn't understand what's important."#[ How being Green Makes You Stink at Security: Print Bigger] - I can see how this MAY save a few pieces of paper, security-wise though, you are still printing through a vulnerable printer :)#[ Aggressive Mode VPN — IKE-Scan] - I come up against VPN on pen tests, its pretty boring, there are some attacks, but what most people ignore is that if I want to attack your VPN, I'm going after the clients. I also want to hear about successful attacks against SSL VPNS.#[ Justin Bieber stabbed by a crazed fan? It’s a Facebook scam] - We can only hope...~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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