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#[ Life as a nautical broadband specialist] - This is just a sweet gig: '' His typical shipboard network includes a Kerio Control firewall, which he configures to filter and prioritize network traffic passing through the VSAT link. The firewall also provides antivirus protection and network monitoring, and a VPN connection that allows his company to perform remote maintenance and support when customers are cruising.'' Working on Yachts, in all the pictures the weather is nice. Be cool to hack from the boat!
#[ Is it So Bad for the CIO to Report to the CFO?] - ''Conventional wisdom says that the CIO must report to the CEO or risk losing stature, authority and access to the power center of the company. Reporting to the CFO is bad, the theory goes, because IT is then viewed as a nonstrategic operations group where the governing principle is saving money.'' Uhm, I tend to agree here. The CFO is all about the cash rules everything around me (G), and the CIO is trying to make things work. Where does the CSO sit in all this?I like it when all the C-levels report to the CEO, then they get to figure it out and balance each other out. When C-levels report to anything other than the CEO, it spells trouble.
#[ CIOs: Will You Be Relevant in 2017?]- I'm seeing where this is going: ''Cheap smartphones, tablets and apps mean users are buying their own devices and aren't happy with company-supplied PCs, software or BlackBerrys. Meanwhile, software-as-a-service applications let users bypass enterprise systems for cheap applications they can pay for out of their own budgets -- and prefer to use.'' If you are not adapting, you will die. I also believe there are some companies that may not need a full-blown IT department. However, I do see security as important, regardless of how you are implementing technology.
#[ Two Things I Wish Companies Cared More About: Cloud & Acquisitions Risks]
#[ For free Wi-Fi]


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