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# How did you get your start in information security?
# Lots of people have a SEIM, and lots of people get hacked, what are they doing wrong?# With the volume of information the SEIM provides, how can we better weed through this information?
# Many will state they cannot monitor everything, what should they monitor if they pick and choose?# How do you feel about a "poor man's SEIM" such as a Linux Syslog server?
# From Jack ''Anton was way ahead of the curve on the significance of log management and log analysis, and he seemed to get tired of preaching it a couple of years ago. We talked at RSA that maybe the time has come and people are starting to take it seriously.'' So, are people starting to take log management seriously? Why now? What has been wrong with log management in the past?
# What's the difference between compliance and security?
# How does PCI help people?
# How can PCI hurt organization's security?
5 questions:
1) Windows , OS X, Linux, or OS/2 Warp
2) In a game of ass grabby grabby, would you prefer to go first or second?
3) If you had to streak naked through a security conference, would you rather try to cover yourself up the a printout of the PCI standard, a printout of one day worth of system logs, or a the fortune from a fortune cookie?
4) Three words to describe yourself
5) If you had to write a book about yourself, what would the title be?
= Guest Tech Segment: Daniel Martin=


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