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== Paul's Stories ==
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== Larry's stories ==
#[ Judge rules WiFi Sniffing Legal] - [Larry] - Basically it boils down that is you have an open network and the data is in the clear, you should be able to sniff it. Don't want someone to sniff it? Encrypt it - and yes, WEP would be sufficient for word of law here. So, why did the judge rule this way? Wireless is a shared medium. If you are not allowed to sniff traffic that is not destined to you, then how are you able to determine that the traffic on said network is destined for you? Ruling against it would make all WiFi networks illegal, just by nature of the technology.
#[ ACTUAL Stego in the wild for "legitimate purpose"] - [Larry] - I just put this story in for Darren to bust John's stones. But, it appears that Blizzard has been embedding information about the user via stegonaography into screenshots taken by the WoW clients.
== Jack's Ruminations ==

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