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== Patrick's Stories ==
#[ 5 Tips to Retain Great Security Talent] - Motivate, encourage, give treats.#[ Patent Trolls Are Back] - Do you use a fax, scanner or WiFi? Pay up.#[ Finding svn Files During Pentesting] - SANS article by last week's guest, Tim Medin on being able to find source code on servers because developers leave the .svn directories (Subversion version control) on the production server. This allows people to load the source of files in a browser.#[ 5 Resolutions InfoSec Pros Should Make] - By Rafal LosBut no, many of these are probably good for anyone to make, but ityou still can's always good to have things to think about for t just View Source on a php file and see the new yearsource code.
#Adrian "Irongeek" Crenshaw with two good updates on his site. He keeps [ a zoo of web shells] that he has found and also wrote a long article on [ security in the academic world]


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