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Stogie Geeks Show - Schedule

  • SG22 - ?, Stogie Santa Unbanded, Segment: "Full Line Review: Ashton VSG", Studio B
  • SG21 - ?, Tim Unbanded, Segment: "Favorite Cigars With Coffee", Studio B
  • SG20 - ?, Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Untold Story Maduro, Segment: "Best Wicked Strong Cigahs", Studio B
  • SG19  ?, Padron 1964 Pyramid, Segment: "Making Sense Of Cigar Sizes", Studio B
  • SG18  ?, Bolivar Belicoso Finos, Segment: "Cigar Auctions: The good, the bad, and the ugly", Studio B
  • SG17 - ?, Oliva Master Blends III Robusto, Segment: "Cigar Travel Cases", Studio B
  • SG16 - Thurs April 12 8:30PM, Paul Unbanded Cigar, Segment: "How to find aged cigars", Studio B