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Technical Segment - This is a short segment to describe to people HOW to do something. In length, this segment shall never be longer than 30 minutes. Ideally the segment is 15 minutes in length, however the topic may require more time. For each technical segment there must be a write-up in the wiki. If you do not have access to the Wiki, please send your technical segment write-up to at least 12 hours before the show.

Here are some sites to get ideas for tech segments:

This write up should be a text document which contains the following elements:

About & Why

Describe something about the tool or technique you are showing. What problem does this tool or technique solve? Why would someone use this tool or technique? What is the use case?


Show how to use the tool or technique. Screenshots and command snippets (or code snippets) are strongly encouraged. How do I use this tool or technique? What are the most interesting use cases? Videos are also okay to use as well. We can also grab a live screencast from your system you are using to demo.


Where can people find more information about this tool or technique? Are there other guides that you've referenced?


Plug your personal blog, Twitter account, speaking gigs or courses.


Examples of good technical segments are found here: