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  1. You have a lot to protect
  2. Your organization is complex
  3. Your attack surface is broad
  4. Your industry is highly regulated
  5. Your risk tolerance is low
  • Cybersecurity In The M&A Process: A CISO's Strategy - Mergers and acquisitions can quickly enable growth within organizations and push companies to new heights. However, a looming question for all cybersecurity practitioners is: Where are the cybersecurity considerations during the due diligence process?
  • How to Negotiate — Virtually - Negotiating virtually tends to leave parties with poorer objective results and feeling less warmth and trust toward one another. Here are some ways enhance the chances for success in virtual settings.
    • When Planning Virtual Negotiations...
  1. Assign clear roles to your team.
  2. Specify – and practice with – offline methods for chatting.
  3. But keep chatting brief.
  4. Video is best; the bigger the better.
  5. Short and sweet.
    • When Leading Virtual Negotiations...
  1. Connect at the outset.
  2. Clarify constraints and assumptions.
  3. Westerners: hide your self-view?
  1. Organizations will have to toughen their cybersecurity policies to deal with the increased risks of employees using their own computers.
  2. IT will have to make sure all the applications allowing remote access to the organization are locked down.
  3. Employees will have to be smarter and safer using computers from home.
  1. 70% of breaches are perpetrated by external actors, making endpoint security a high priority in any cybersecurity strategy.
  2. Attacks on Web apps accessed from endpoints were part of 43% of breaches, more than double the results from last year.
  3. The lack of diligence around Asset Management is creating new threat surfaces as organizations often don’t know the current health, configurations, or locations of their systems and devices.# Cloud assets were involved in about 24% of breaches this year, while on-premises assets are still 70%.
  4. Over 80% of breaches within hacking involve brute force or the use of lost or stolen credentials.
  1. Employers across sectors added 28,000 technology workers in May
  2. The increase in tech positions indicates a sign of recovery for national tech employment, which had previously shed 19,000 positions in March
  3. The unemployment rates for tech occupations showed signs of improvement in May, dropping to 3.7% from 4.3% in April