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  1. Tell us about the creation of the EFF: Why was it created and how did you become involved?
  2. What were some of the first cases taken on by the EFF? (In 1990 and into the 90s)
  3. Godwin's law? Please explain :) Still true today?
  4. Recently Sonos sent a notification to all customers stating that older equipment would not receive any new software updates, which likely includes security patches. What can we do to change this behavior to ensure the security of our devices (and our technology investments)?
  5. The right to repair provides us the liberty to reverse engineer devices, such as Sonos, especially when the software company refuses to support them? (Sonos also states older gear will not work with newer hardware and software from Sonos, perhaps Sonos files legal action if someone makes software to support older devices?)
  6. With large tech companies potentially controlling content (Amazon, Apple, Google), how do we ensure we will maintain free speech? And while speech may still be free, some have been banned from the aforementioned companies platforms because their views differ, how do we ensure a free and open Internet not governed by large corporations?