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  1. CISA Alert (AA20-209A) Potential Legacy Risk from Malware Targeting QNAP NAS Devices CISA and NCSC are investigating a strain of malware known as QSnatch, which attackers used in late 2019 to target Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices manufactured by the firm QNAP. Fix - see QNAP Security Advisory. Suspect devices should be factory wiped prior to firmware update.
  2. Russia's GRU Hackers Hit US Government and Energy Targets Fancy Bear (APT28) from 12/18 to 5/20 attempted to access Mail Servers, Office 365 and VPN servers.
  3. New Security Flaw Affecting China's DJI Drones Reportedly, in addition to an update mechanism that bypasses Google Play Store, DJI's Go 4 Android app requests extensive permissions, collects personal data (e.g., IMSI, IMEI, and SIM Card serial number), and includes anti-debug and encryption techniques to hamper analysis.
  4. 5 D-Link Router Vulnerabilities disclosed, patch now Patch or replace out-of-support devices.
  5. FBI Warns of New DDoS Attack Vectors: CoAP, WS-DD, ARMS, and Jenkins These newly discovered DDoS vectors are network protocols essential to IoT devices, smartphones, Macs, and other devices on which they are being used, device makers likely will not remove or disable them, making a new wave of DDoS attacks highly likely.
  6. Cerberus Android Malware Source Code Offered for Sale for $100,000 For a flat price of $100,000 USD, the buyer will receive everything from customers lists, source code, installation guides, scripts, servers, and the admin panel.
  7. Cosmetics Giant Avon Leaks 19 Million Records Elasticsearch database hosted on an Azure server containing 19 million customer records was left publicly exposed on the Internet without a password.
  8. Major Hedge Fund Sees Customers' Personal Data Stolen by Hackers SEI Investments disclosed that systems belonging to one of its vendors, Atlanta, Ga.-based M.J. Brunner Inc., suffered a ransomware attack in May.
  9. North Korean Hackers Are Stepping Up Their Ransomware Game, Kaspersky Finds North Korean state-backed hackers associated with the "Lazarus Group" have been spotted leveraging the little-known "VHD" ransomware in two attacks targeting a business in France and another in Asia in order to steal money.
  10. How to Tell If Your Apps Are Spying on You Ideas for finding out, and correcting, which applications have the camera and microphone enabled.
  11. Three Idaho State Websites are vandalized by hackers The Idaho State Parks and Recreation, STEM Action Center and personal protective equipment supply site homepages each displayed the same content: a black background with the text “Hacked by Ghost Squad Hackers” displayed in blue text. “Free Julian Assange! Journalism is not a crime!” reads a message displayed underneath a GIF of V, the Guy Fawkes mask-wearing vigilante from the 2005 film “V for Vendetta.”
  12. Organizations with poor privacy practices 80% more likely to suffer data breach The average company shares its data with 730 different vendors, and according to the Internal Auditors Research Foundation IAA Study, third parties were responsible for two out of every three data breaches.