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  1. Malware exploiting XML-RPC vulnerability in WordPress
  2. HP Printer Bug Bounty Expands To Include Cartridge Security - I could not easily find references to existing research on hacking the firmware on printer cartridges...
  3. 10 Years Since Stuxnet: Is Your Operational Technology Safe? - I'd still say "NO", the article recommends some things, but I think we can do better with recommendations. Based on how the Stuxnet attacks were conducted, I don't believe some of the recommendations are thorough enough: Make security a priority: Unfortunately, many OT systems were built without security in mind or have often been neglected when it comes to security updates or regular patches. These weak points of entry have given hackers direct access to manufacturing systems, robots, fire alarms, access control systems, and even whole power grids that can keep a city dark without a paid ransom — as we saw with the attack against a power grid in Kiev, which left part of the Ukrainian capital without power for an hour in 2016. Since criminals are adapting and learning, companies should do the exact same to understand and address any known or unknown threats, as well as conduct regular updates and security scans to help protect from the cybercriminals that prey on their weaknesses.
  4. Spies hacked Azerbaijan government officials as Nagorno-Karabakh conflict escalated, researchers say
  5. Microsoft Paid Out Over $374,000 for Azure Sphere Vulnerabilities - Some research that resulted: https://www.mcafee.com/enterprise/en-us/assets/white-papers/wp-prisoner-of-azure-kaban.pdf https://blog.talosintelligence.com/2020/10/Azure-Sphere-Challenge.html
  6. trident Automated Password Spraying Tool - Looks like a newer tool, released just last month: https://github.com/praetorian-inc/trident
  7. HP Device Manager vulnerabilities may allow full system takeover - The details from the researcher, Java RMI anyone? https://nickbloor.co.uk/2020/10/05/hp-device-manager-cve-2020-6925-cve-2020-6926-cve-2020-6927/
  8. Hackers exploit Windows Error Reporting service in new fileless attack - Research post: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/malwarebytes-news/2020/10/kraken-attack-abuses-wer-service/
  9. Rare Firmware Rootkit Discovered Targeting Diplomats, NGOs - Rare maybe, but not out of the realm of possibility. I believe we really need to start paying attention to UEFI and other firmware attacks NOW. HackingTeam itself got hacked and doxed five years ago, and much of its code, including that of a UEFI rootkit, is now living on GitHub for researchers and attackers alike to experiment with. "There was actually no evidence of the HackingTeam rootkit's usage in the wild" until now, Lechtik said.
  10. Open Source Threat Intelligence Searches for Sustainable Communities
  11. Working from a hotel? Beware the dangers of public WiFi - With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing an increasing number of companies to shift to remote work, employees working from home have been struggling to find a quiet, distraction-free environment for work. The hospitality industry has also been impacted by the pandemic, with more and more hotels across the United States offering their empty rooms as daytime makeshift offices for remote workers seeking to work in peace.
  12. Cisco Fixes High-Severity Webex, Security Camera Flaws
  13. Microsoft Azure Flaws Open Admin Servers to Takeover
  14. Microsoft Zerologon Flaw Under Attack By Iranian Nation-State Actors
  15. HEH, a new IoT P2P Botnet going after weak telnet services
  16. Code Execution Vulnerability Found In Facebook for Android
  17. K8s on a plane! US Air Force slaps Googly container tech on yet another war machine to 'run advanced ML algorithms' - Given that once you tell the world your shiny new bomber programme runs Kubernetes, your adversaries know where to focus their security research.
  18. Almost every major anti-malware product has some kind of security flaw - Research blog post: https://www.cyberark.com/resources/threat-research-blog/anti-virus-vulnerabilities-who-s-guarding-the-watch-tower
  19. McAfee software creator jailed in Spain, sources say
  20. A Security Flaw Could Send Your Dick to Jail Forever
  21. Apple's T2 Chip Has Unpatchable Security Flaw, Claims Researcher
  22. Suspected Chinese Hackers Unleash Malware That Can Survive OS Reinstalls
  23. NTDEV - Compiling Windows 2003
  24. Exploiting fine-grained AWS IAM permissions for total cloud compromise: a real world example (part