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With us will be Tim Rosenberg (the boss) and Dwight 'D'Money' Hobbs, the hacker researcher. Below is some further information and link to the web site. White Wolf is running the SANS ICE event in Vegas where Larry and myself will be participating and announcing.


White Wolf Security is providing the cyber exercise at this year's SANS NS2007.


  • Tim & Dwight, tell us a bit about yourselves and some of your background in information security
  • How did White Wolf Security get started and Why?
  • Describe your holistic approach to security, and why it is different than many other security practices.
  • Describe the exercise that you provide, why is it useful for organizations and people to go through this exercise?
  • What should people take away from the cyber exercise and how can it help them be better security engineers and improve the security of their respective organizations?
  • What is the most common thing that will cause a team to win? lose?
  • Favorite talk at this year's Blackhat/Defcon?