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Application Security Weekly Episode 101 - 2020-03-23

Episode Audio

Application Security Weekly Episode 101


Interview: Singularity: a Different Take on Container Security - 6:00-6:45PM


Singularity is a container runtime that was built from the ground up to live in multi-user environments where POSIX permissions must be respected. In addition to a novel runtime approach, the Singularity Image Format (SIF) differs significantly from other container image formats, with built-in support for full image encryption as well as digital signatures.

Guest: Bio:
Adam Hughes is Chief Software Architect at Sylabs Inc.]
Adam is a developer with nearly two decades of experience in cyber security, real-time operating systems, carrier grade telecommunications systems, and large-scale distributed systems. After joining Sylabs in early 2018, he helped develop the Singularity Container Services suite, which forms an ecosystem around the Singularity container runtime. He has since taken on the role of Chief Software Architect and is now responsible for technical leadership of all Sylabs products.


John Kinsella - Vice President of Container Security at Qualys
Matt Alderman - CEO at Security Weekly
Mike Shema - Product Security Lead at Square

Technical Segment - Why combining SAST and SCA in your IDE produces higher quality, secure software faster



Mike Shema's Content:


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