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Application Security Weekly Episode 104 - 2020-04-20

Episode Audio

Application Security Weekly Episode 104


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Mike Shema's Content:


Interview: Building an AppSec Ecosystem - 6:00-6:45PM


It's possible to check the boxes and have an AppSec program that looks great on paper, but still not have positive results. We will cover using continuous feedback from AppSec testing activities passing through threat models to make life better for AppSec, red teams, QA, and engineers.

Guest: Bio:
Rebecca Deck is Senior Staff Application Security Engineer at Avalara
Rebecca Deck is a Staff Application Security Engineer at Avalara. She determines application security tools and strategy and (hopefully) gets to perform application security testing. She has more than 20 years of experience in IT that includes QA, software development, engineering, incident response, and consulting. She's currently quarantined with her wife and kids living the dream of working and home schooling.


John Kinsella - Vice President of Container Security at Qualys
Matt Alderman - CEO at Security Weekly
Mike Shema - Product Security Lead at Square