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Application Security Weekly Episode #113 - July 06, 2020

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1. Interview - Apps Are The New Endpoint - How Can One Company Protect Them All? - 12:30 PM-01:00 PM

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What do you do if your ambition is to provide security for all the mobile apps in the world? You hire a data scientist! Machine Learning is more than just a buzz word, it is the science behind making decisions quickly and at scale. Catherine Chambers returns to Application Security Weekly with Irdeto’s lead data scientist Will Hicke to describe how they turned Mobile Application Security into a data science problem, and what that means for your mobile app.

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Catherine Chambers

Since 2011 Catherine has been helping to architect Irdeto’s security solutions for web, mobile and embedded systems. She sometimes posts videos for Irdeto on the subject of reverse engineering under the name Cloakware®? Cate. Prior to joining Irdeto, Catherine worked for many years as a lead programmer in fast-paced startups. Her experience spans the range from coding in assembler to cloud computing. Catherine holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Queen’s University.

Will Hickie

Will Hickie joined Irdeto in 2018 as a Data Science Architect to investigate how machine learning could be used to improve software and intellectual property protection. As a data scientist, Will employs a statistical data-to-outcomes approach to problem solving. With 20 years of software development experience, and more than a decade of applied ML, he is able to speak to both engineering and machine learning disciplines. Will skipped university and went directly into his first startup during the tech boom of the 1990s, designing algorithms for real-time surveillance systems. In his spare time Will enjoys hiking and spending time with his family.


2. News - Application News - 01:00 PM-01:30 PM


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