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We took a bunch of pictures of the beer we drank on the show in episodes past. You can find it on our [http://www.flickr.com/photos/pauldotcombeer/ PaulDotCom Beer Flickr page].
We took a bunch of pictures of the beer we drank on the show in episodes past. You can find it on our [http://www.flickr.com/photos/pauldotcombeer/ PaulDotCom Beer Flickr page].
= Episode 294 =
= Episode 292 =
= Episode 292 =

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"...because without beer, things do not seem to go as well"

cd /pub ; more beer

We took a bunch of pictures of the beer we drank on the show in episodes past. You can find it on our PaulDotCom Beer Flickr page.

Episode 294

Episode 292

  • Crispin The Saint I don't know what they're drinking in the studio, but I'm enjoying a couple of Crispin Ciders. This one is The Saint, fermented with a Belgian Trappist Ale yeast, and with a touch of (but not too much) maple syrup. This is a very nice cider, slightly cloudy, well rounded flavor profile, great mouth feel. Make sure you *gently* swirl the bottle, you want the sediment incorporated in the drink. 6.9 abv
  • Crispin Landsdowne A Crispin cider made with Irish Stout yeast and organic molasses. This is a very unusual cider, it is dark and has smoky flavor, but with underlying sweetness. Safe to say this is good, but unique, and probably an acquired taste. (If you feel like acquiring said taste).

Episode 291

  • Newport Storm Annual Release 2011 A local Rhode Island brew, brewed using hops and honey from Rhode Island, rum barrels from their distillery, and one brewpub’s Belgian yeast.

Episode 288

Episode 278

And now for something completely different...

  • McIntosh cider from Jack's favorite cidermaker, West County Cider A McIntosh varietal cider? It isn't an apple variety we normally consider a cider apple, but the folks at West County made it work. A good balance of sweetness and acidity, a crisp and refreshing cider.
  • Redfield another West County varietal cider. Redfield apples are bright and tannic with a good acid balance- and Redfield juice ferments into a well-rounded cider.

These are both from last fall, they are good, but they'll be better with a few more months of cellaring.

And to end the evening

Episode 276

  • Ommegang Three Philosophers Not a reference to the number of hosts on the show, 3 Phils is a big Belgian style quadrupel. A dark malty ale with Kriek added for fruit notes, one of hundreds of brews Jack calls "favorites" Beeradvocate Review

Episode 273

  • Ommegang Witte Ommegang's version of a traditional Belgian-white, or Witbier. A lightly spiced wheat beer with orange peel and coriander. Beeradvocate
  • Samuel Adams and Weihenstephan Infinium A collaboration to create a "new" beer using only the four traditional ingredients- the result is an interesting Bière de Champagne. You might like it, you might not. The champagne method seems to strip a bit of flavor IMNSHO Beeradvocate

Episode 272

  • Kwak No that's not a typo, Kwak is a Belgian Strong Pale Ale (see a trend here?) At Beeradvocate

Episode 271

And a bunch of other beers, previously listed.

Episode 270

Episode 269

Episode 268

Belgian and Belgian-style goodness from Brewery Ommegang All mispronounced for your listening pleasure.

Episode 249

Episode 102

Harpoon UFO - A yummy Hefeweizen, unfiltered even!

Episode 101

Newport Storm Spring Ale - "Irish Red Ale...quite tasty" says Paul

Samuel Smith Brewery Lager (pre-show beer)

Episode 100

http://www.dogfish.com/brewings/Year_Round_Beers/90_Minute_IPA/11/index.htm Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA] - [PaulDotCom] - I bought a case of this and am loving it.

Episode 96

Otter Creek Winter Ale Raspberry Brown

Dogfish Head Raison D'Etre

Sea Dog Red River Porter

Omegang Three Philosophers - thanks Jack Daniel!

Episode 95

Boodingtons Pub Ale

Mackeson XXX Stout

Redbridge - [Larry] - I just notoced that this was an AB product...

Episode 92




Episode 91


BELFAST BAY McGovern's Oatmeal Stout


Episode 90

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale

Newport Storm '01


Victory Hop Wallop

Buffalo Gold

Episode 89

Dogfish Head Black & Blue - [Larry] - So far, pretty tasty!

Aventenus! - [Paul] - The worlds best beer.

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale - [Paul]

Anchor Steam Liberty Ale - [Paul]

Episode 88

Ooops, we forgot.

We at least remember that we had Newport Storm '00

Episode 87

Links coming soon...

Clipper City Small Craft Warning - Uber Pils, with a little cloudy wheat goodness. Has a small hint of fruit.

Avery Out of Bounds Stout - Still waiting to drink that one.

Newport Storm '00 - Yes, this was brewed in 2000, and we are just opening it now. Every year is different, and Larry's stock includes (now, anyways) '01 to present.

Episode 86

Smuttynose Robust Porter - Paul's drink of the night, and its Y-U-M-M-Y. Kinda nutty, smooth, an outstanding porter.

Episode 85

Rogue Morimota Soba Ale - Why ninjas are better than pirates.

Grimbergen Double

G. Schneider & Sohn's Schneider Wesse Hefe-Weizen - From Larry's stash

Episode 83

PIRAAT - This is an awesome Belgian IPA. Billed as one of the top 5 beers in the world. Part of our two week themed tasting - Pirates vs. Ninjas. This one is proof of why Pirates are better than Ninjas - especially at 10.5% alcohol!

Chimay Ale Cinq Cents - Mmmm, Trappists can make some good beer.

Mid Week Imbibing

G. Schneider & Sohn's Organic Georg Schneider's Wiesen Edel-Weiss - [Larry] - Ok, it is official, anything from G. Schneider & Sohn's is the best beers on the planet. I still have a few different ones to try, so expect more. I couldn't find this one on the website, but is has a green label. Oh my is this beer fantastic - a Belgian wheat!

G. Schneider & Sohn's Scneider Wesse Hefe-Weizen - [Larry] - What more can I say? This brewery makes the best beer on earth.

Shipyard Chamberlain Pale Ale - [Larry] - I've been on a roll lately! This one is nice and light with a hoppy finish.

Weihenstephan Hefeweissbier - [Larry] - This one is odd. Opened this one in the kitchen, and brought the bottle to the livingroom, and placed on the end table. A few minutes later I look over to see the head still bubbling out of the bottle. The cat was laying in the new puddle of beer. I picked it up to sip, and nothing came out of the bottle - like it was frozen. Back to the kitchen to clean up, and pour into the glass. Beer isn't frozen. That first foamy sip tasted like bananas. Literally like bananas. Not something that I would have expected from the oldest brewery in the world (1040AD). Now the whole beer tastes like bananas, which is disapointing.

Episode 82

ROGUE Dead Guy Ale - We had this a long time ago at the old studio, and it was tasty then and is tasty now. [PaulDotCom] - One bottle of the 6-pack was broken so, I was able to snag a single bottle of the next beer.

Ithaca Pale Ale - [PaulDotCom] - I wish I got a whole six pack, not just one.

Sam Adams Octoberfest - We're starting the fall early. [PaulDotCom] - There's nothing like football and Octoberfest

Spaten Optimator - Mmmm, dark German beer.

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale - This one is released on September 1st. Looks like we were able to get in early :-)

Anchor Steam Porter - This is the porter that we had a while back, that we couldn't remember. This has got to be one of the best porter's we've had.

Mid-week Imbibing

Dogfish Head Raison D'Etre - [Larry] - I've been meaning to try this one for a while. It is made with green raisins as part of the brewing process. The raisins leave a slight hint of sweetness.

Southampton Double White Ale - [Larry] - A Belgian double white, with hints of the spices used in the brewing process. Yum! The review is from the Beer Advocate, which is a professions rating system for beer, much like is done for wine.

Sarnac Pomegranate Wheat - [Larry] - A wheat ale with pomegranate juice used in the brewing process. The pomegranate leaves a slight flavor, and a bit of tartness.

Episode 80

Long Trail Double Bag - [PaulDotCom] - A double IPA! Sorry, flash site. [Larry] - I like this beer, but it doesn't like me.

Sherwood Forest Brewers LTD Archer's Ale - [Larry] - This ale was dark, and had some nutty flavor. Unusual for an ale.

Original Flag Porter - [PaulDotCom] - Mmmm, porter. English too! [Larry] - Indeed, tasty. Cybereagle even recognized it as English - go figure. Not a link to the Darwin Brewery site, but this is some better info.

McDuff's Vacation Land Summer Ale - [Larry] - Hrm, I don't remember this one, but the empty was in front of me. From a brewpub in Maine.

Delirium tremens cerveza BELGA - [PaulDotCom] - The subject of this week's beer story. A good Belgian, with hints of Aventinus. [Larry] - I'll second that! Wow, this ber has it's own Wikipedia entry!

Interview with Intelguardians: VM escape

Flying Dog Double Dog - [PauDotCom] - [Larry] - Oh My! 10.5% Alcohol! Again, seems like a barley wine to Larry, only more bitter (hoppy).

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA - [PaulDotCom] - [Larry] - Wow, this is tasty. Larry even bought a case some time back for storage in the cellar (at $90 a case!)

Alagash Dubbel Preserve - [PaulDotCom] - [Larry] - Again, more tasty stuff. Hints of barley wine.

Episode 80 & WhiteWolf Interview

Witterkerke - [PaulDotCom] - A light and fresh Belgian wheat ale, with a hint of fruit. Very tasty and refreshing.

La Chouffe - [Larry] - This Golden Belgian Ale is apparently brewed by Gnomes. It has the undertones of a barley wine, but tastes a bit more like a metal can, which was a little disappointing.

Magic Hat Special Wit - [Larry] - This one was apparently only available as a special brew directly by visiting the brewery itself. Fortunately when I was in VT, I stopped by and picked up a few growlers.

Mid-week Imbibing

Blue Point Toasted Lager - [PaulDotCom] - Sorry, flash site. Hints of caramel, which come form the toasting of the barley! [Larry] - Like hops? Try the Hoptical Illusion. I finished off a keg of that last fall.

Ommegang Abbey Ale - [Larry] A dark belgian style ale. The yeast stays in the bottom of the bottle, and you don't want to disturb it on the pour, in to a special glass. Ommegang also sells appropriate beer glasses.

Ithaca CascaZilla - [Larry] - My beer guy got a few kegs on closeout from his distributor, and saved this one for me. At $35 for the keg, I gotta give a double IPA a try.

Blue Moon Belgian White - [Larry] - Had one of these with dinner tonight. Mmmm, add a slice of orange!

Avery 14'er ESB - [Larry] - Man, I really like the stuff out of the Avery brewery! Just enough hops to impart a slight bitter taste on the finsh. Yum. I just finished a keg of Avery Salvation, and that was fantastic.

Dog Fish Head Festina Peche - [Larry] - A limited run 4 pack in the BerlinerWeisse style, of which there are very few breweries that still make. This one is made with peach juice. Just like it says, it has a little bit of a tart taste to it. You can't taste the peach when it is ice cold, so it it recommended to serve it a bit on the warmer side. Even then the peach only delivers subtle overtones.

Bass Pale Ale - [Larry] - I haven't had a plain Bass since college. What a good nutty flavor! Bass is also the owner of the world's oldest trademark - the red triangle - which is about the only fact that I can remember from my junior year of high school history class.

Episode 79

Samuel Adams Summer - [Paul] - Been there, done that. Flash site.

Heineken - [Larry] - Again, more of the same. It was what was available on short notice at the Splash Bar at the Riv.

Deschutes Brewery - Mirror Pond Pale Ale - [Larry] - I had one of these right before my presentation in the Wireless Village. Quite tasty! Just the right amount of hops to give a slight bitter taste.

Episode 78

Amstel Light - Not our usual choices, but last minute, and when someone else is buying, sponsored beer is the tastiest!

Heineken - Same as above. Thank you very much Anthony, and Core Security Technologies!

Episode 77

Samuel Adams Summer - [Paul] - Sorry, no direct link - flash site.

Wing Walker Amber Ale - [Larry] - I'd never seen this, and figured that it would be native from Vermont, but alas, it is from Wisconsin. I did end up at the Alchemist for dinner, and their and sauerkraut platter is to die for.

Episode 76

Schwelmer ALT, wow, was this tasty! Light and nutty. Here's a review or two.

Paulaner Hefe-Weizen Flash site, so no direct link. Had this in a Party-Keg, which gave a little metal taste.

Episode 75

Ipswitch Mix Pack, of which we had the Ale and IPA

Long Trail Hefeweizen, no direct link due to flash site

Schneider Aventinus Wheat Dopple, which is the PaulDotCom favorite.

A porter, yet to be remembered.