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Recorded April 17, 2019 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!

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  • John Strand
    Security analyst, Founder of Black Hills Information Security, and CTO of Offensive Countermeasures.
  • Matt Alderman
    CEO at Security Weekly, Strategic Advisor, and Wizard of Entrepreneurship
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    Interview: Matt Cauthorn, ExtraHop

    Matt Cauthorn is the VP of Cyber Security Engineering at ExtraHop.
    Matt Cauthorn leads a team of technical security engineers who work directly with customers and prospects. A passionate technologist and evangelist, Matt is often onsite with customers working to solve the complex and mission-critical security and business problems that Fortune 1,000 and global 2,000 companies face. Prior to ExtraHop, Matt was a Sales Engineering Manager at F5 and before that he started his career in the trenches as a practitioner where he oversaw application hosting, infrastructure, and security for five international data centers. Matt is a security thought leader and blogger, frequently speaking at industry events, on podcasts, in webinars, and in industry coverage.

    Topic: The Three Horsemen of SOC Intel: Wire, Logs, Endpoint<br.

    Enterprise News

    1. OpenVPN and JumpCloud Partner to Bring Secure Cloud-based Authentication and User Management to VPN - Security Boulevard
    2. Infoblox Now Supports Google Cloud and Single Sign-On in Latest Version of NIOS
    3. IdenTrust and Device Authority Collaborate to Deliver Secure Lifecycle Management to the IoT
    4. Fortinet Expands its Security Fabric to Advance The Third Generation of Cybersecurity: Security-Driven Networking - NCNONLINE
    5. Owler Reports - Fortinet: Fortinet Expands its Security Fabric to Advance The Third Generation of Cybersecurity: Security-Driven Networking
    6. Tufin Prices NYSE IPO at $108 Million
    7. US Firm SolarWinds To Acquire Israeli Company Samanage For $350 Million | News Brief
    8. Symantec Norton 360 Deluxe
    9. Minerva Labs New Critical Asset Protection, Visibility and AV Orchestration Capabilities Provides Comprehensive Endpoint Security
    10. Bad security hygiene still a major risk for enterprise IT networks - Help Net Security

    InfoSec World 2019: Patrick Tierney, Endgame