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Welcome to PaulDotCom Security Weekly, Episode 138 for January 29th, 2009. A show for security professionals and by security professionals who have way too much access to beer. and computers. and maltego.

Tech segment: How to safely land an airplane in a river

Stories For Discussion

Social Engineering To Become A Police Officer

0wned By Compliance - [PaulDotCom] - Anton goes through some seemingly realistic scenarios as to why/how a merchant can be 0wned, even if PCI compliant. Yes, PCI still has merit as a "Standard", but this does not mean they are secure. I think this is where people go wrong, PCI, in my opinion, just proves that you are doing some stuff in the name of security. This is important when companies want to work together, they can ask, "Are you PCI compliant" and have some sense that they are implementing security. Or are they? Anton points out it depends on who is doing the audit, anyone can walk in and ask "Do you have a firewall?", answer: "yes". Reminds me of a story about a firewall with two holes in it, through which an Ethernet cable was being passed, therefore all traffic was "going through the firewall".