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Featured Interview/Opening Discussion

Brian Beyer of Red Canary joins us to talk about security startups.

Interview Questions

  1. What is unique about running a security startup?
  2. How about moving from a services/consulting company to a product company?
  3. What are some unique things investors are interested in when talking to security startups?
  4. Where are the best opportunities in the market for security startups?
  5. What advice do you have for those who may have an idea and want to create a security startup?
  6. What are some of the most exciting security startups in the industry right now and why?
  7. What advice do you have for enterprises looking at solution and considering (or not) a solution for a security startup?

Startup Stories

Key bullet points and discussion items for each story; weaved together in a story arc

Each includes a discussion on the security considerations from each of the perspective(s):

  • Startup
  • Buyer
  • Investor

How I Decreased My Weekly Office Hours From 40-plus to Less Than 8

I think the key here is the phrase "office hours." Most of the startup founders and CEOs I know - along with most of the security pros - work more than 40 hours. I don't think that is a good thing - and I liked the ideas listed here.

Startups have a crazy new idea for saving money: Be nice to workers

let’s talk about leadership — regardless of definition, I expect a leader to:

  • articulate the current situation
  • paint the picture of a better tomorrow
  • elevate and accelerate me on the path

What this is pushing as is the “better tomorrow - the purpose

A member of the PayPal mafia says hiring for culture fit is completely overrated

And to the point...

Paul's Stories

  1. Startups are moving to Chattanooga because of its city-owned gigabit network - Technical.ly
  2. Why Your Startups Marketing Strategy May Already Be Doomed
  3. 20 Common mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make - KnowStartup
  4. How leather bag startup Linjer hit $1 million in sales in 14 months
  5. The 22 most active celebrity startup investors