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Security Weekly

SANS Stay Sharp - Check out this great program from SANS!

Cool Password Cracking Tools: Cain & Abel, John The Ripper, Hydra

Shaolin Groove - This weeks background music, very cool stuff!

Check out Bastille Linux, and the chapter from the stealing the network series A Real Gullible Genious.

Here is a diagram of the Linksys Router configuration/design we were talking about.

New Unpatched IE Exploit - A pretty lame DoS dealing with script action handlers. Most browsers do a fine job of crashing on their own. Exploit Here

Another lame DoS for IE, this is the checkbox crash, for which I cannot find any other information other than the exploit from the wonderful folks at milw0rm. Exploit Here

ANOTHER New Unpatched IE Exploit - This time we get code to execute! This is the "createTextRange()" bug. Exploit Here

Sendmail Vulnerability - It had been too long since we had a vulnerability in Sendmail...

When DNS Attacks - Good explanation of DNS DoS amplification attacks.

Network Sniffing Screensaver - Cool, where is the OS X version? :)

- Cisco Aironet 1300 DoS Condition

Windows Vista Gets a New Network Stack - Let the fun begin!

Secure that VoIP - Securing VoIP is going to be a hot topic this year and for years to come.

AirPwn: Owning The Airwaves - I see very little legitimate value this tool provides, but man you could have some fun with people!

A New Kind Of Door Lock - Not a new vulnerability, but a *different* vulnerability.

FrSIRT explains the pay for service - I call shenannigans

Schneier's Password Safe - Stop picking on Bruce! Go pick on Steve Gibson!

Free VPN using XP - I don't think so!

Security Weekly TV

http://www.zytrax.com/tech/wireless/calc.htm - For all your RF Math