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Episode Media


Feel the Fuzz - Browser fuzzing is all the buzz lately (hah! 4 Z's in one sentence!). Checkout HD Moore's research on this subject here. He found numerous undiscovered flaws in Internet explorer. More people need to pay attention to web browser security....

"The Shields are Damaged Captain!" - Do you know when an IE exploit takes over a PC in your organization? Is monthly patching enough?

Free Rainbow Tables - Astalavista now offers free rainbow tables for md5, LM, and NT (Limit 10 per day for non-members).

Oracle Releases Its Own 0Day - Way to go guys! I love it when a company practices irresponsible disclosure against themselves.

Like Porn? You will be defeated! - By the "ultra-orthodox sex commando" who is defacing porn sites....

Printer Hacking With Irongeek - All you wanted to know and more about printer hacking.

Cross-Platform Malware - Woohooo! Viruses that will run on any platform, and what about viruses that leak out of virtualization?

Go Hack Yourself - Check out the SANS What Works demo of CORE IMPACT with Alex Horan

Strider URL Tracer - Results of the honeymonkey project. Protect yourself from mistpyed domains with IE. Check out SiteAdvisor for Firefox

Firefox Flicks! - Check out the Firefox contest.

"D-Link Time Server DoS" - D-Link product has hardcoded time server reference to a poor time server in Denmark.
Time server one (GPS)
Time server two (GPS)