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PaulDotCom Security Weekly - Episode 246 for Friday June 3d, 2011.

  • El primer Episodio de PaulDotCom Espanol esta disponible aqui. Tenemos mas entrevistas en las semanas que vienen....
  • ExCon and B-Sides CT coming June 11th & 12th with Larry 'No Such Thing as an ExCon' Pesce and PaulDotCom!
  • [1] Wednesday June 15th at 2PM is a special "Secure Protocols" Special Edition with CyberSecurityWorld.com.
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  1. Gmail targeted phishing - [Darren cause its my section... duh] - Gmail hacking targeting the White house. Chineese Gov't denies responsibility and why not they hacked into all our defense contractors already... These attacks were very targeted and used proper engrish.
  2. Speaking of defense contractors - [its still my section] - Defense contractors Northup Grumman and Lockheed Martin supposedly hacked. Did the RSA data breach come full circle?