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PaulDotCom Security Weekly - Episode 250 for Friday July 8th, 2011.

  • Los tres primeros episodios de PaulDotCom Espanol con Julio Canto, Lorenzo Martinez, y Chema Alonso esta disponible aqui. Tenemos mas entrevistas en las semanas que vienen....
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Interview: Secret Guest!

7:30 PM

Secret Segment!

8:00 to 8:30

Stories For Discussion

PaulDotCom Blog Roundup

Larry's Stories

  1. iPhone Jailbreak PDF concerns - [Larry] - Great observations here. While we all love our iPhone jailbreaks, this one (as before) just involves a PDF reader exploit. Browse to a website (or receive e-mail, view PDF and jailbreak. How about the same with malicious content? Yeah, that simple. There are some bets as to when Apple will release a patch, but even if they do, how long will the attack surface be available for? Those that don't update, and those who don't in order to keep their jailbreak.
  2. Incompetence or Deception - [Larry] - So, what's worse when talking aabout vulnerability disclosure and discovery. Specifically related to the Siemens replay issue, but can be applied elsewhere. You release a vuln for one model, but can test on the more expensive ones due to cost. someone else confirms, but the vendor can;t make it work on the other models. Later, they say, oh hey, we found this vulnerability in the expensive models….
  3. vsftpd backdoored- [Larry] - Lulz. Login s a user of :) and a TCP shell tries to connect back. Looks like only one distribution point was compromised.
  4. Indestructible Botnet? - [Larry] - TDSS, a new version of the TDL Aleureon rootkit is now out there. Why indestructible? Arguably because it is hard to remove the client, as mostly because it goes unnoticed to begin with.

Paul's Stories

  1. Robert W. Morris Dies
  2. New Nmap Version - Lots of passive discovery!
  3. Top 5 worries of IT Pros - Security is not really on the list..
  4. Flinging Poo At Paypal - An angry user hacked into PayPal UK's Twitter account on Tuesday night and changed the e-commerce company's avatar photo to a heap of steaming crap. Can we see more of this? I think it really defines the "hacker spirit"
  5. vsftpd is not very secure

Mystery Guest X's Stories