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Announcements & Shameless Plugs

PaulDotCom Security Weekly - Episode 263 for Thursday October 13th, 2011.

  • Check out Hack Naked TV - At some point, Wasted Strand will guest record an episode...

Guest Interview: Dave Porcello, CEO of Pwnie Express

7:30 PM EDT

Dave Porcello.jpg

Building on over 10 years of IT leadership, security, and entrepreneurial experience, Dave Porcello founded Pwnie Express in March 2009 with a clear vision of providing unique hardware and unparalleled expertise to the global security industry. He's on tonight to discuss the full pentesting suite packed into an inconspicuous microserver known as the Pwn Plug.

Pwnie Express bio

Pwnie Express specializes in bleeding edge pentesting hardware, including the industry's first-to-market commercial pentesting drop box, the Pwn Plug. A full pentesting suite packed into an inconspicuous microserver, the Pwn Plug uses covert tunnels, 3G/GSM access, and NAC/802.1x bypass to maintain an encrypted, firewall-busting backdoor into your target network.

Pwn Plug overview

Guest Tech Segment: Rich Perkins and Mike Tassey on DIY UAVs

Rich Mike.jpg

Mike Tassey is a security consultant to Wall Street, and the US Intelligence Community. He spent the majority of his 16 year information security career in support of the Dept. of Defense (both in uniform and out) and now does security consulting for global companies and government. His interests include martial arts, lolcats, danger and putting large things in small airplanes.

Rich Perkins is an avid radio control enthusiast and a senior security engineer supporting the U.S. Government. He has had a 20 year Information Technology career including programming, Enterprise Administration, and Information Security. Hobbies include hiking, SCUBA diving, R/C, computers and electronics, as well as a penchant for voiding warranties.

DIY UAV website

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