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Announcements & Shameless Plugs

PaulDotCom Security Weekly - Episode 279 for Thursday February 23d, 2012

  • John Strand will be teaching Offensive Countermeasures at SANS Orlando March 23-24th: Check it out here
  • Subscribe to our only non-computer security related show dedicated to Cigar Enthusiasts Stogie Geeks with Paul Asadoorian and Tim "BugBear" Mugherini. Wether you smoke an occasional cigar or daily, this show is for you! Tune in as we review the latest cigars being released and talk "Stogie Tech".

Interview: Gene Kim

Since 1999, Gene Kim has been studying and benchmarking high performing IT operations and information security organizations. When Kim was the CTO/founder of Tripwire, he wrote the “Visible Ops Handbook,” which codified how these organizations transformed from “good to great,” which has sold over 200K copies to date. Follow him on Twitter at @RealGeneKim

Gene kim.jpg

  1. Tell us about Rugged DevOps
  2. What is your novel about?
  1. RSA DevOps interview with Gene and Josh Corman

Guest Tech Segment: Doug Burk

Doug Burk is a SANS GSE and Community Instructor, Network Security Monitoring enthusiast and author of the Security Onion. He's on to give us an overview of Security Onion and it's main features.


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