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AIG server room break in - and now 930,000 persoanl records are missing. IAG sells identity theft insurance...

Complaint on VoIP hacker - So, did they notice the brute force password attempts?

Man Arrested for Wireless Piggybacking - And he was a sex offender to boot. OOPS!

Researchers hack Wi-Fi driver to breach laptop - Reverse DMA mapping. Imagine remotely reading your PGP key and passwords out of memory just because your radio is turned on at the airport. DOUBLE OOPS!

From the "Those who don't learn form history" department - Breached over and over and over and over again...

3 Excel attacks - I see a trend in app vulns, as opposed to OS vulns...

Top 100 Security Tools Thanks fyodor! Now, got get 'em all!

Naked World Cup - User education! Attackers take advantage of popular world events! (and who wants to see that anyways?)

Six dumbest ways to secure a wireless network - I agree. Dumb and Dumber.

University Hacking Course - Will the credits be transferrable to sans.edu?

Build your own RFID skimmer - Someone build me one! A little follow up to the RFID stuff from a few weeks ago.

NIST Media sanitization Guide - So laptops are all the rage, but don't forget the rest of your media!

Cisco Call Manager XSS - NOT voIP vuns! XSS != VoIP

Other related articles:

More from IronGeek! - 2 good articles: "Intro to TruCrypt" and "Wigle data to Google Earth"

Insider Threat mailing list - Just a good info resource.

Protect yourelf from Identity theft - more great resources. Thanks Martin McKeay.