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Security Weekly - Episode 345 for Thursday September 12th, 2013

  • Episode 350 of Security Weekly will be recorded and streamed live on October 25, 2013. We are looking for submissions for technical segments, send them to psw -at - securityweekly.com and we will pick the best ones to be featured on the show. We are looking for panel guests as well! Support our chosen charity: Wings For Warriors. This will be an all day event!
  • We've released a book on Offensive Countermeasures! Visit tinyurl.com/OCM-Amazon to add this to your summer reading list.
  • We are looking for sponsors for our weekly webcasts and shows. Contact paul -at- hacknaked.tv for details!
  • The Stogie Geeks Show! - Kick some ash with the Stogie Geeks, Thursday nights at 9:00PM EST. Come have a cigar with us! If you are in the Rhode Island area please visit our sponsor the Havana Cigar Club, its an awesome place to have a drink! Make sure you print out your $5.00 off coupon here!

Guest Interview: Rich Mogull

Rich Mogull.jpeg
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Rich has twenty years experience in information security, physical security, and risk management. He is the founder of Securosis and specializes in data security, application security, emerging security technologies, and security management.

  1. How did you get your start in information security?
  2. How do you recommend others get their start in information security?
  3. What is the most under utilized defensive technology and why should we use it and hot can it help?
  4. Will security be merged with IT for good?
  5. How has the latest information about NSA spying impacted the industry?
  6. In terms of threats, which threats are posing the greatest challenges for the industry?
  7. What are some tips on explaining security to management?
  8. Metrics, the good the bad and the ugly, how can we leverage them to be effective?
  9. Compliance, does it drive us to "good enough" security, do the benefits outweigh the
  10. What is Big data and how does it tie into information security?
  11. What side projects have you been taking on?
  12. How do you keep your nerdy edge to security technology?
  13. Is there a market for anti-virus software on mobile devices? How do we solve the BYOD problem, or do we?
  14. In order to defend our organizations, what are the major changes that we need to make that differ from what most are doing today?

Five Questions:

  • Three words to describe yourself
  • If you were a serial killer, what would be our weapon of choice?
  • In a game of ass grabby-grabby do you prefer to go first or second?
  • If you wrote a book about yourself, what would the title be?
  • Stranded on a desert island, which tablet would you bring with you if you could choose only one: Android, iPad or Surface?

Tech Segment: Pete Finnigan

Pete finnigan.jpg
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Pete Finnigan works as an independant Oracle security consultant for his own company PeteFinnigan.com Limited . Pete specialises in performing detailed Oracle security IT Health checks against Oracle databases using a detailed methodology developed by Pete from many years of experience in securing databases.

Special appearance from Dave "ReL1k" Kennedy on DerbyCON

\Visit The Security Weekly YouTube Channel for all of our latest videos\!\}


The Illustrious Dave "ReL1k" Kennedy needs no introduction, he is just pure awesomeness rolled into a beautiful artistic tapestry of a man. And is going to tell us about DerbyCon 2013.


Paul's Stories

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  2. "Seagate to produce 5TB hard drive next year
  3. Apple's Fingerprint ID May Mean You Can't 'Take the Fifth'
  4. Black Hat Announces First Ever West Coast Trainings Event
  5. "IT Pros Lack Security Management Support
  6. Flying in the US? Remember to leave your hand grenades at home
  7. The Router Review: From nmap to firmware | codeinsecurity
  8. Red Hat CIO Takes an Open-Source Approach to Security and BYOD
  9. People the weakest link in security
  10. 5 Signs Of Trouble In Your Network
  11. Android malware spotted hitching a ride on mobile botnet

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