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Paul's Security Weekly #573

Recorded August 30, 2018 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!


  • Paul Asadoorian
    Embedded device security researcher, security podcaster, and CEO of Active Countermeasures .
  • Larry Pesce
    Senior Managing Consultant and Director of Research at InGuardians, SANS Instructor.
  • Jeff Man
    Infosec analyst
    Pioneering ex-NSA pen tester
    PCI specialist
    Tribe of Hackers
    InfoSec Curmudgeon
    Currently a Sr. InfoSec Consultant for Online Business Systems.
  • Jack Daniel
    Co-Founder of Security BSides and certified security wizard.
  • Joff Thyer
    SANS Instructor, penetration tester, and Security Researcher at Black Hills Information Security.
  • Not Kevin
    Senior Security Engineer at Barkly, Co-Founder of Vermont Hackspaces, definitely Not Kevin.
  • Announcements

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    Interview: Jayson Street, SphereNY - 6:00-6:45PM

    Jayson Street
    is the VP of Infosec at SphereNY.

    Jayson E. Street is an author of the "Dissecting the hack: Series". Also the DEF CON Groups Global Ambassador. Plus the VP of InfoSec for SphereNY. He has also spoken at DEF CON, DerbyCon, GRRCon and at several other 'CONs and colleges on a variety of Information Security subjects. He was a highly carbonated speaker who has partaken of Pizza from Beijing to Brazil. He does not expect anybody to still be reading this far but if they are please note he was chosen as one of Time's persons of the year for 2006.

    Tech Segment: John Moran, No-Script Automation Tool - 6:45PM-7:45PM

    John Moran
    is the Senior Product Manager of DFLabs.

    John is a Senior Product Manager at DFLabs, where he performs a wide variety of tasks from product management to content development and partner management. Prior to joining DFLabs John worked for a global security services provider, performing a wide variety of incident response consulting services. John’s background also includes various computer forensics and law enforcement roles. John lives in Southern Maine with his wife and two-year-old daughter. In his spare time, John enjoys good cigars and cheap whiskey.

    Security News - 7:45PM-8:30PM

    Paul's Stories

    1. InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog - "When was this machine infected?"
    2. CIA Network Exposed through Insecure Communications System - Schneier on Security
    3. Introducing the Tink cryptographic software library
    4. Critical Flaws in Syringe Pump, Device Gateways Threaten Patient Safety
    5. Fileless Attacks Jump 94% in First Half of 2018
    6. New Pen Test Tool Tricks Targets with Microsoft WCX Files
    7. What Developers Can Do to Improve Cyber-Security
    8. Misfortune Cookie vulnerability returns to impact medical devices | ZDNet
    9. Hackers faked Cosmos backend to hoodwink bank out of $13.5m
    10. How one man could have pwned all your PHP programs
    11. Widely Used Diabetes Drug Can Cause Flesh-Eating Genital Infection
    12. How to Hide Sensitive Files in Encrypted Containers on Your Linux System
    13. Texas Home CCTV Video Shows Woman in Broken Arm Restraints Ringing Doorbell in Dead of Night
    14. Depressed Security Researcher Drops Serious 0-Day Windows Exploit On Twitter
    15. An Undiscovered Facebook Bug Made Me Think I Was Hacked
    16. How Can We Improve the Conversation Among Blue Teams?

    Larry's Stories

    1. PACU an OSS AWS Exploitation framework
    2. Windows Privesc 0-day
    3. 2 billion facials in seconds O_o
    4. Intro to routersploit
    5. Yet another struts vulnerability

    Jeff's Stories

    1. T-Mobile Breach Exposes 2 Million Customers' Data
    2. Air Canada Confirms Mobile App Data Breach
    3. Musings from yours truly on HP printer security
    4. Hacker Sentenced for Jennifer Lawrence Hack

    Jason's Stories

    Kevin's Stories

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