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Stories for Discussion

Phishing Gets Sneaker and so do Security Measures - [Joe] - Not a ground breaking article, but I like the hitman scheme... also it is interesting to learn that PayPal will be offering the RSA SecureID Token device for its customers

Nice little how-to on making your browsing private - [Joe] - We've seen this topic a 1000 times before, but what I like is this grease monkey script to force you to connect to https versions of sites. The foxyproxy firefox extension allows you to select what sites you visit torified too. Me likey!

The most common hacker is probably sitting in the cubicle next to you - [Joe] - According to the FBI, the most common hacker is probably sitting in the cubicle next to you, right now. This is someone who gets to work early, takes his or her turn cleaning out the office fridge, tells funny stories at lunch and, at some point, makes a very dumb move. It often starts when this hacker-next-door sees a file directory or workstation that’s just too juicy to pass by, like one named “Salary Comparison.” It’s simply too tempting NOT to peek inside.

TJ Maxx gets some Haxx - [Joe] - "Intruders accessed systems used to process and store customer transaction data, Framingham, Mass.-based TJX said in a statement. The retailer has identified some customer information that was taken, but the full extent of the data theft and number of affected customers is yet unknown, it said."