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Investigating someone's Information disclosure? How about your information?

Hooray Captain Unknown Citizen!

Stories for Discussion

BackTrack 2.0 released - [Larry] - A must for your toolkit. Better ALFA USB wirless support now works with Intel macs and VMware!

GPS Sniper rifle - [Larry] - Filed under who's Watching the Watchers. Not a sniper rifle for better GPS coordinates, but for injecting a GPS tracking device in life forms, without detection. Hurts less than a mosquito bite.

Dancho's lowdown on botnet communication - [Larry] - A short intro to what I suspect is a longer, more in depth conversation. Keep an eye on this for more.

Pwned by Wal-Mart? - [Larry] - Wal-Mart employee fired for "pretexting". Lots of FUD on this one. Discuss the methods potentially used, and how to protect against - WiFi, SMS, GPRS, Flex, POCSAG, VOIP, etc.

RFID Passport Cracking - [Larry] - ...Adam Laurie at it again. This time the passport was never removed from the mailing envelope.

Citrix Client Arbitrary code execution - [Larry] - With the Citrix client installed, a maliciopus web page cen get the Citrix client to execute code as the logged in user.

Your Wireless is showing - [Larry] - ...me about your secrets. Couple this with the cloak or not to cloak article, and MS patches for wireless.

Month of PHP Bugs - [Larry] - Psssst! PHP is insecure...so much so there are more bonus bugs than real bugs!

Other Stories of Interest