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Theme Music, Episode 66 Live From Sans Sandiego 2007 for April 4th, 2007


This episode is sponsored by Core Security Technologies, helping you penetrate your network. Now with version 6 totally hax0r newly supported client platforms. Now with a perfect score on SC Magazine Product review. Listen to this podcast and qualify to receive a 10% discount on Core Impact, worlds best penetration testing tool.


  • Introductions - Paul, Larry, Joe, Twitchy could not be here, Blackdragon (Syngress QOTH man), BTW We're from Rhode Island, its not an island, just ask Josh (also from RI)
  • Special thank you to SANS for having us back! (Katherine, Deb, Lana, and Norris)
  • Evaluations, please fill them out, drawing for the $250 Amazon gift card will be from the eval
  • Try to bring twitchy in via skype
  • Say hello to all of our live stream listeners, "Hi Live Stream Listeners!"
  • Two great technical segments (Packetfence, WRT54G stuff), then some news
  • We like to play "sweepers", short audio clips between segments. We had a contest, and this was the winner.

[SWEEPER] Announcements

  • We have fabulous prizes to give away, $250 Amazon gift card from Core Security, Core light up USB hubs, Books from Syngress publishing, and of course free "Hack Naked" T-shirts!
  • This is a far cry from the basement at Shmoocon, talk about shmoocon, go download the episode, beware!
  • We did an interview with Seth Fogie on Windows Mobile attacks, presentation from shmoocon
  • We have a deal with SANS! If you register for a SANS conference use http://pauldotcom.com/sans/. It helps us buy more cool t-shirts and stickers to give to you!
  • Please join us in our IRC channel, esp is you are new to IRC we won't flame you, promise

[SWEEPER] Packetfence


[SWEEPER] WRT54G Wireless Monitor

WRT54G Wireless Monitor


Episode66 Show Notes

[SWEEPERS] Closing

Core discount code impactbsg

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