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Twitchy's Hacking the Nokia N800

Flasher Program

Security Musings: "Authentication In The Real World Sucks"

I just happened to notice in my regular everyday life that authentication sucks, here are some examples:

  • I traded in my propane tank, paid for it, then went to make the swap. They did not even check my receipt to see if I had actually paid for it
  • I forgot my ATM card pin number, and my card was de-activated. My bank did not notify me!
  • The dry cleaners uses your phone number to authenticate you on which clothing you should pick up
  • The local car dealership asks no questions when using the free car wash
  • Many places you can drive past the guard gate, walk clear across campus, into the computer lab, sit down and plug in and no one will question you

There are many more examples, such as voice mail systems in general, 4-digit pin numbers used for everything, [www.phonelosers.org Phone Losers Examples (Video Store, Phone Company). What do you do to protect yourself, PAY ATTENTION! When the clerk at the store asks you for your phone number, tell them it is unlisted. When publishing an obituary or wedding announcement, don't publish your address, remove the debit and RFID (paypass) from your ATM card, do credit checks, don't give anyone your information, it could be the next TJX.

Stories for Discussion

3Com switch default username and password - [Larry] - for a debug user, which has equal privileges to administrator. No patch from vendor, and unknown status of remote connectivity with this ID. How about segregating and securing your management "network"?

WiFiDEnum tool released - [Paul] - Cool tool released that will identify vulnerable wireless drivers in your domain. Go download now!

A Brief with the MOSEB Dude - [Larry] - A short conversation with the gentleman running the Month of Search Engine bugs. He talks briefly about appropriate disclosure and PR stunt status. What does the PSW crew thing about the Month of?

Pirate Bay Hacked - [Paul] - Please don't hack pirate bay, how else will we get our pr0n, moviez, and er uh, I mean, moving right along...o

Hey Boo-Boo! Oh! Yoggie with TWO g's - [Larry] - Here is some neat tech for the consumer for protecting your computer. Pico is a USB dongle that intercepts all network traffic, and redirects to the dongle - to be put through the ringer with 13 linux based security tools. Neat!

Multi-Function Devices (but not printers) - [Paul] - Okay, so if you are planning even a small network for a small office, you should consider separating the router from the firewall. I am not a huge fan of putting multiple services on one device, if it fails, so do all of those services. Also, if there is a vulnerability, they own the router and the firewall. Furthermore, in terms of DoS it give you more options and spreads the load, and offerers more than one line of defense.

Google, hack thine self! - [Larry] - Looks like Google indexed some of it's own services, and as a result, indexed some internal tools for removing links from the search engine. Some of the results included configuration files with links to the servers, and the admin passwords. You too can be owned by google!

Hacktivism or "hackinstance"? - [Paul] - Good post from Dave Maynor, hacktivism is not new, and Estonia is not alone.

Slurpr, helping you steal wireless access! - [Larry] - Mark Hoekstra built a device to aggregate up to 6 wireless networks (of say, your neighbors) into one handy little network connection. Let the discussion about stealing WiFi ensue! The design of the box, could even lead to third party applications, such as wep cracking... hmm.

Crash Cisco IOS with SSL - [Larry] - Cisco released an advisory on IOS devices crashing while processing SSL protocol exchange when malformed packets are present. Wow, sounds like they are doing a LOT of fuzzing! This seems relatively serious to me....

Bunny Pr0n Virus? - [Paul] - Now here is a malware author with a sense of humor, "Badbunny-A, a macro worm for OpenOffice/StarBasic that also drops scripts in other languages, downloads pictures of a man wearing a bunny suit performing a sexual act in woodland." LOLZ

Skype worm, now with ICQ and MSN! - [Larry] - An IM work first! Skype worm infects PC, then looks for other IM clients, and sends itself to all of those contacts. More reasons not to use IM in a corporate enviromnent. Who still uses ICQ?

Infosec Lab on the cheap - [Larry] - Thanks Irongeek! People ask us all of the time on how to get started in security. We suggest a lab to play with...and IronGeek has some great advice on setting your own up - it even includes dumpster diving!

I love embedded device vulnerabilities - [Paul] - "By attempting to make a looped connection from the router's IP address back to the same address, the unit will crash." You mean the good ole LAND attack!? no...it can't be!

Marcus Ranum pwns. - [Larry] - Marcus Ranum now has his own podcast, and he has some awesome insights. for whatever reason, se is saying things the most people don't - and he's right. I particularly liked episode #2 on security co-dependence. Go listen to this one.

Long Live Phrack! - [Paul] - Hooray, phrack magazine is back! w00t! I started reading http://phrack.org/issues.html?issue=64&id=11#article an article by nemo] on OS X exploiting fun, such as tricks to get around stack execution prevention.

TJX Breach Cost $17 Million - [Paul] - Don't wait until you're hacked *really* bad before you put some effort into IT security. WEP is bad, checking logs is good, had they done both they could have saved $17 Million.

Other Stories of Interest

TSA Skit - [Paul] - "Name some liquids and gels people!!!"