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== 2016 Episode Guide ==
== 2016 Episode Guide ==
[[Hack Naked TV June 9 2016]] - Ransomware, Angle exploit kit, and the Swift Network
[[Hack Naked TV June 2 2016]] - TeamViewer, MySpace, the InfoBlox DNS Threat Index Report, and more
[[Hack Naked TV June 2 2016]] - TeamViewer, MySpace, the InfoBlox DNS Threat Index Report, and more

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2016 Episode Guide

Hack Naked TV June 9 2016 - Ransomware, Angle exploit kit, and the Swift Network

Hack Naked TV June 2 2016 - TeamViewer, MySpace, the InfoBlox DNS Threat Index Report, and more

Hack Naked TV May 31 2016 - Bangladesh Bank heist and the SWIFT network, Google vs Oracle, and more.

Hack Naked TV May 26 2016 - Latest news on Guccifer’s trial and the SWIFT network heists.

Hack Naked TV May 24 2016 - Latest ransomware news, the Bangladesh heist, and the US Cyber Command

Hack Naked TV May 19 2016 - LinkedIn breach, CryptXXX ransomware, Google to being blocking flash in Chrome, and a rant on the information security "talent shortage"

Hack Naked TV May 12 2016 - the Locky ransomware C&C hack, follows up on the Bangladesh Bank heist, and more

Hack Naked TV May 5 2016 - Another ransomware attach, malware on USB’s, an update on the Pentagon bug bounty program, and some big vulnerabilities in ImageMagick

Hack Naked TV May 3 2016 - Aaron rants about the militarization of the information security profession.

Hack Naked TV April 28 2016 - Cyberbombs, the next scan from Robert Graham, Professional cyclists hacking their bikes, and more

Hack Naked TV April 21 2016 - Recent sentencing of some malicious insiders and the creators of the the SpyEye bonnet creator, and the recent vulnerabilities in Quicktime for Windows.

Hack Naked TV April 14 2016 - Follow up on badlock, the recent sentencing of a couple of hackers, and decrypting petya ransomware

Hack Naked TV April 8 2016 - Panama Papers, Cyber-Insurance, Ransomware, Hacking Team, and the Pentagon’s bug bounty program.

Hack Naked TV April 7 2016 - Car malware, Ubuntu Kernel Vulns patched, OSVDB shut down, Flash Zero days, and CEO phishing scams.

Hack Naked TV March 31 2016 - Apple vs FBI, an new Android local privilege escalation, a new vulnerability in Cisco FirePower/Snort, and more on ransomware.

Hack Naked TV March 24 2016 - Update on Apple vs FBI, iMessage Encryption, FBI’s cyber most wanted updated, and Badlock the newest named logo vulnerability

Hack Naked TV NetWars Review - Beau review the SANS NetWars

Hack Naked TV March 17 2016 - FBI’s most wanted cybercriminals, Google bug bounty, Home Depot breach, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), and ransomware

Hack Naked TV March 10 2016 - Recent apple ransomware, spike in tor hidden services, fake Facebook profiles in Mumbia, and kali update servers showing up on ban lists.

Hack Naked TV March 3 2016 - Follow up on Apple vs FBI, and talk about the Drown Attack, XSS vulns in ad networks, and getting into infosec.

Hack Naked TV February 18 2016 - Norse Corp followup, DHS and FBI Employee info leak, ENCRYPT Act, and Hackers aren’t smart

Hack Naked TV February 12 2016 - Cash for Creds, Gmail Warnings, IRS PIN Compromise, Cisco ASA RCE, and more

Hack Naked TV February 4 2016 - Norse Corp, End of the JAVA web plugin, the first cyberterrorism case, and Safe Harbor

Hack Naked TV January 26 2016 - Trustwave being sued, HD Moore Leaving Rapid 7, Safe Harbor Deadline approaching, and more.

Hack Naked TV January 22 2016 - Backdoor in AMX, Linux Kernel Vuln, Apple Sharing Cookies, Hot Potato, and more

Hack Naked TV January 19 2016 - Holiday DDoS attacks, Fortigate backdoors, Ubuntu Privileged escalations, and Shodan the big threat to security.

Hack Naked TV January 08 2016 - malicious Google Play apps, Comcast home security systems, attacking ICS and MS15-132

Episode Guide Archive


Hack Naked TV December 17 2015 - FBI using 0-Days, Drone Registration, Root DNS attack, and RCE in FireEye

Hack Naked TV December 10 2015 - Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, Kazakhstan, Flash updates, encryption backdoors, and cyber espionage

Hack Naked TV OSCP Review - Aaron discusses his recent experience taking the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification and Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PWK) course

Hack Naked TV December 4 2015 - IE End of Life, Port Fail, Free HTTPS Certs, and the VTech Breach.

Hack Naked TV December 2 2015 - Dell root certificate fiasco, Hacking Back being reviewed by the government, the LANDesk breach, new tool releases, and more!

Hack Naked TV November 20 2015 - Bitlocker Bypass, Gmail App Address Spoofing, One PNG to Rule Them All

Hack Naked TV November 19 2015 - Encrypted communications in the Paris terrorist attacks, Google security news, Comcast password resets, and the Well Fargo Cybersecurity Survey

Hack Naked TV November 9 2015 - vBulletin RCE, PageFair serving malware, and a million dollar bug bounty for iOS 9

Hack Naked TV October 23 2015 - MITM NTP, chip and pin vulnerabilities. and encrypting all the things by default.

Hack Naked TV October 20 2015 - E-Trade breach, China still hacking the US, CyberInsurance, and more.

Hack Naked TV October 13 2015 - Breaches, LoopPay, Uber, and Dow-Jones.

Hack Naked TV October 8 2015 - Recent Breaches, Safe Harbor, and more.

Hack Naked TV October 1 2015 - BitPay, OPM, Volkswagen, and New TrueCrypt Flaws.

Hack Naked TV September 23 2015 - xCodeGhost, Stealing Candy from Android users, and more.

Hack Naked TV September 15 2015 - The Excellus BCBS breach, Netflix dumping antivirus, McAfee for President, and more.

Hack Naked TV September 11 2015 - More Ashley Madison Passwords, Powershell Empire, and Android Ransomware.

Hack Naked TV September 8 2015 - OPM breach, Windows 10 data collection, HP no longer sponsoring Pwn2Own, and FireEye vulnerabilities being sold.

Hack Naked TV September 1 2015 - Ubiquiti and business email scams, the resignation of the Ashley Madison CEO, the NSA’s bulk collection, and MORE!

Hack Naked TV August 28 2015 - 5 favorite pentest and hacking tools

Hack Naked TV August 13 2015 - BIND DOS exploit, Windows 10, Kali 2.0, and more!

Hack Naked TV July 29 2015 - Cracking Brink's safes, hacking sniper rifles, Android vulns, and car hacking!

Hack Naked TV July 28 2015 - the latest logo branded vulnerability “StageFright”, and more out of the Hacking Team and OPM breaches!

Hack Naked TV July 21 2015 - More 0-days from Hacking Team, Jeep UConnect Remote Exploit, and More!

Hack Naked TV July 17 2015 - New NSA tool, TeslaCrypt, and Malicious Android application from Hacking Team

Hack Naked TV July 14 2015 - More Flash 0-days from Hacking Team, New OpenSSL Vuln, and Security Summer Camp

Hack Naked TV July 03 2015 - Kill LLMNR & NBTNS week

Hack Naked TV June 19 2015 - The OPM breach, cyber espionage, and hacking drug pumps to deliver fatal dosages

Hack Naked TV June 05 2015 - Auditing GitHub users’ SSH key quality, Meterpreter Transport controls, and OpenSesame

Hack Naked TV May 22 2015 - Breaches, extortion, and command and control channels over ICMP

Hack Naked TV May 08 2015 - Microsoft's LAPS, and Netflix's FIDO

Hack Naked TV April 24 2015 - Fileless malware, and PowerSploit's Invoke-Shellcode