Hack Naked TV July 03 2015

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Black Hills Information Security

In this episode we skip discussing recent news to provide a tech segment on LLMNR & NBTNS and their vulnerabilities also including how to disable them.

Episode Media

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This episode of Hack Naked TV was sponsored by Cybrary IT Brought to you by Black Hills Information Security, the leaders in penetration testing and active defense. Email consulting@blackhillsinfosec.com to request a quote today!

Beau's Stories

  1. Why LLMNR and NBTNS exist
  2. SpiderLabs Responder tool for responding to LLMNR and NBTNS queries
  3. Stern Security article on LLMNR/NBTNS poisoning
  4. Microsoft article on disabling NBTNS with DHCP
  5. WINS script to push to clients to disable NBTNS