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Welcome to the PaulDotCom Wiki. You can download show notes here as well as read other articles of interest.
#REDIRECT [[Security_Weekly]]
[[Show_Notes|Show Notes]] (Most Recent: [[Episode97]])
[[Beer|Podcast Beer Listing]]
[[NmapNessus|Nmap & Nessus Course Notes]]
[[winmobile|Windows Mobile Articles]]
[[Image:Sanslogo_vertical.jpg|frame|left|[http://www.sans.org/training/description.php?mid=682 SEC535 - Embedded Device Hacking Training]]]
[[Image:Psw-logo.jpg|frame|left|[http://pauldotcom.com/videos/ PaulDotCom Security Weekly TV]]]
[[Image:linksys.jpg|frame|left|[http://www.wrt54ghacks.com WRT54G Hacking Book]]]
[[Image:tenablelogo-sm.jpg|frame|left|[http://www.tenablesecurity.com Unified Security Monitoring]]]  [[Image:corelogo-sm.png|frame|left|[http://www.coresecurity.com Worlds Best Penetration Testing Tool]]] <br style="clear:both" />

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