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Welcome to the PaulDotCom Wiki. You can download show notes here as well as read other articles of interest.

  • Show Notes (Most Recent: Episode99) - Here you will find the note for each show, which include links to all stories, examples, screenshots, and documentation for all tech segments, listener submitted stories, and "Other Stories of Interest" (which always strives to be amusing/interesting).
  • Recommended_WiFi_Cards - A list of recommended WiFi cards known to work under Linux (and other OSes), as well as compatibility with various wireless tools.
  • Podcast Beer Listing - Each week we drink beer on the podcast and list it on this page. We've been told we have good taste in beer, so you won't find bud light on the list.
  • Local Security Groups - Use this page to collect the local security, or in general geek groups, in your area. Local groups are a great thing to get involved with, whether you are attending the meetings, speaking at them, or motivated enough to create a group of your own! Please list all groups by state or country.
  • Nmap & Nessus Course Notes - Paul taught a course in 2007 that gave a tutorial on Nmap & Nessus. You can find some links to resources and notes from the course here.