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Top 10 things I learned from watching 4 seasons of Mad men

By Paul Asadoorian (http://pauldotcom.com & http://www.stogiegeeks.com)

1) Don't sleep with your secretary - I've never had a secretary of my very own, but its usually nothing but bad news.

2) If you do sleep with your secretary, make sure you marry her - It seems that everyone will be happy for your and congratulate you if you are marrying your secretary, which comes with the bonus of being able to sleep with her.

3) Drinking during work hours does not increase productivity - Slugging down 5+ glasses of scotch before breakfast doesn't help you keep accounts in the advertising industry. It does, however, make for interesting TV.

4) NEVER ride a lawnmower in the office - Because it has sharp blades, and people get hurt, and blood sprays everywhere. Keep the lawn trimming to, well, the lawn (or your secretary).

5) If you pee your pants because you drank too much at the office... - Well, I guess we should all just keep a change of clothes at the office, because you never know when you might have a few too many, piss yourself, and then pass out. But hey, that's just your morning, which still gives you time to work in the afternoon, after you shower.

6) Clients come and go - They make it very clear that especially in advertising, clients come and go, and don't freakin' cry about, just go out and get new clients.

7) Don't put all our eggs in one basket - If your business relies on one customer for more than 50% of revenue, its a bad thing. Because, well, see #6.

8) Everyone smoked in the 60's - And they smoked everywhere! In the train, elevator, office, restaurant, doctors office, in bed, on the way to bed, in the bathroom, and rarely did you hear people ask "is it okay if I smoke in here?". This was almost exclusively cigarettes, with cigars only making an appearance during celebrations.

9) If you are hiding your identity, don't take on work from the Government - "Gmen" as they are referred to on the show will discover who you are, if you let them, even if it means a $4 million account.

10) It speaks volumes about America - If you carefully watch this show, and pick out the differences between then and now, you will find similarities and also that not much has changed. For example, there are groups of people who hate corporate America (except they are all stoned and are much less disruptive than the occupy people). People in the 60s took pride in their country, however, if you pay careful attention, you can see what led to the sorry state we're in now.