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Recorded November 14, 2019 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!

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  • Paul Asadoorian
    Embedded device security researcher, security podcaster, and CEO of Active Countermeasures .
  • Doug White
    Cybersecurity professor, President of Secure Technology, and Security Weekly network host.
  • Jeff Man
    Infosec analyst
    Pioneering ex-NSA pen tester
    PCI specialist
    Tribe of Hackers
    InfoSec Curmudgeon
    Currently a Sr. InfoSec Consultant for Online Business Systems.
  • Lee Neely
    is a Sr. Cyber Analyst at LLNL,SANS Analyst, SANS NewsBites Editor
  • Tyler Robinson
    Managing Director of Network Operations at Nisos, Inc .
  • Joff Thyer
    SANS Instructor, penetration tester, and Security Researcher at Black Hills Information Security.

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    Interview: Dr. Kevin Harris, American Public University System - 6:00-6:45PM

    Dr. Kevin Harrisis the Program Director for Information Systems Security and Information Technology Management, and Alternate Cyber Center Director at the American Public University System.

    Dr. Kevin Harris is the Program Director for Information Systems Security and Information Technology Management, and serves as the alternate Cyber Center Director. He has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology field with positions ranging from systems analyst to CIO. He performs research on the digital divide and works to ensure a trained cyber workforce in the country.

    Segment Topic:
    The Ethics of Surveillance

    Tech Segment: Bryson Bort, SCYTHE - 6:45PM-7:30PM

    Bryson Bortis the Founder/CEO of SCYTHE

    Bryson is the Founder of SCYTHE, a start-up building a next generation attack emulation platform, and GRIMM, a boutique cybersecurity consultancy, and Co-Founder of the ICS Village, a non-profit advancing awareness of industrial control system security. He is a National Security Institute Fellow and an Advisor to the Army Cyber Institute. Prior, Bryson led an elite offensive capabilities development group. As a U.S. Army Officer, he served as a Battle Captain and Brigade Engineering Officer in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom before leaving the Army as a Captain. Bryson received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with honors from the United States Military Academy at West Point. He holds a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Management from the University of Maryland, a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Florida, and completed graduate studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Texas.

    Segment Topic:
    The SCYTHE Marketplace

    Segment Description:
    Bryson is announcing the SCYTHE marketplace where red teams can collaboratively build and share threats and modules to extend the platform while also sharing market intelligence on what enterprises are looking for in their assessments. Also, he will demonstrate how to safely simulate ransomware and a multi-staged APT with lateral movement in your production environment.

    Security News - 7:30-8:30PM

    Paul's Stories

    1. US-CERT Warns of Remotely Exploitable Bugs in Medical Devices
    2. DLL Hijacking Flaw Impacts Symantec Endpoint Protection | SecurityWeek.Com
    3. New MITRE Foundation Aims to Boost Critical Infrastructure | SecurityWeek.Com
    4. Company Detected Years-Long Breach Only After Hacker Maxed Out Servers' Storage - They need visibility into better indicators of compromise, disk space too low is way too slow: The company discovered the breach on March 7, 2016, when it began receiving alerts that one of its servers had reached its maximum capacity, which was due to a massive data archive file that the hacker created on its customers. Surprisingly, the intruder managed to breach the company at least two more times even after InfoTrax Systems became aware of the intrusion.
    5. Network complexity and lack of visibility contribute to misconfigurations and increased risk - Help Net Security
    6. Intel CPUs From Haswell to Cascade Lake Vulnerable to Zombieload V2
    7. Vulnerability in McAfee Antivirus Products Allows DLL Hijacking | SecurityWeek.Com
    8. Memes could be our secret weapon against pesky bots - This actually has meritt: They propose memes could be "one of the strongest techniques to distinguish between a human and a bot based on conscience and interpretation." After all, bots don't get cultural references and online humor the way humans do, the authors argue. I fondly remember "Data" (Star Trek: The Next Generation character for you non-trekkies) trying to understand humor, we all thought it was funny, but all the jokes were lost on poor Data.
    9. Intel Driver Vulnerability Can Give Attackers Deep Access to a Device | SecurityWeek.Com
    10. No, YouTube isn't planning to jettison your unprofitable channel - But they are giving themselves as much power as they can to terminate a channel for any reason, unprofitable could be just one thing. The point is, they don't need a reason. If they don't like content for whatever reason, offensive, political agenda conflict, they can just disable or delete your channel and you have very little recourse. How do I know this? First-hand experiences...(Yes, plural).
    11. Project Nightingale: Google accesses trove of US patient data
    12. The five pillars of cyber security
    13. Are we living in a Blade Runner world? - This is just a really poor analogy: And we don’t need the Voight-Kampff test yet, but how many times have you been asked to mark all the traffic lights on a grid picture to prove you’re not a robot, and gain access to a website?

    Doug's Stories

    Joff's Stories

    Jeff's Stories

    1. Two security researchers earned $60,000 for hacking an Amazon Echo
    2. The Cybersecurity 202: Arrested Iowa hackers spark alarm among security pros um...we should pay attention to this one
    3. This App Will Tell You if Your iPhone Gets Hacked
    4. Obscure & Undetected: Hacking Into Hardware of Mission-Critical Infrastructure Using Side-Channel Attacks <insert disapproving look here> This is not new!!!
    5. U.S. manufacturing group hacked by China as trade talks intensified-sources

    Lee's Stories

    1. Feedback on the DHS Cyber Essentials initiative DHS reporting instances of ROCKEYE and CHEESETRAY malware linked to North Korea/APT38.
    2. Amazon Kindle, Embedded devices Open to Code-Execution Das U-Boot universal boot loader file system drivers can be exploited. Impacts Amazon Kindles, ARM Chromebooks, and other networking hardware. DNEX released a fix.
    3. McDonalds Hamburgler Account Attack Customers frustrated as Hamburgler attacks the McDonalds app, causing fraudulent charges, company slow to acknowledge fraudster versus 'glitch.' Refunds also not handled well.
    4. Genetics Startup Veritas Rocked by Datta Breach Customer portal accessed, PII & PHI data exfiltrated. Question is how could this be used to impersonate users or facilitate spear-phishing campaigns?
    5. Connectwise warns of Ransomware attacks targeting its customers. Connectwise remote IT management system vulnerability used to access an enterprise's systems to install ransomware. Blocking access to those systems may be problematic, enable MFA at a minimum.
    6. Magento Users Urged to Apply Security Update Magento Commerce platform has RCE bug, a fix is available which deprecate product preview functionality for administrators. Cloud version already protected.
    7. Data of ZoneAlarm Forum Users Leaked after Breach Check Point's ZoneAlarm Forum was breached and user's PII exposed. Forum remains offline. The python script used to exploit CVE-2019-16579 is being shared.
    8. Two New Carding Bots Threaten E-Commerce Sites Two new carding bots: "canary bot" and "shortcut bot" discovered. Canary bot exploits eCommerce sites, while Shortcut bot exploits card vendor APIs used to bypass the eCommerce site entirely.
    9. Mexican Petrol Giant Pemex Hit by Ransomware Ransomware attack took billing systems offline. Reverted to manual during cleanup, ransom may have been 565 Bitcoin ($5 Mil) - likely Doppelpaymer ransomware.
    10. Motorola Razr's back with a foldable display The Razar flip phone is back, running Android 9, folds out to a full size touch screen, $1499.

    Tyler's Stories