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RSA 2020 Episode 1 - 2020-02-24

Episode Audio

RSA 2020 Episode 1


Interview: Managing Configuration & Patches with SaltStack - 6:00-6:45PM


Offering open-source and commercial solutions for configuration, patch, and vulnerability management, SaltStack is a must-have! Mehul Ravankar provides us with details about the various products and new features including the ability to import vulnerability scan data and remediate!

Guest: Bio:
Mehul Revankar is Sr. Product Manager at SaltStack
Mehul is a cyber security professional with 15+ years experience in Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance and Security Operations. He leads product Management efforts for Enterprise and Cyber security solutions at SaltStack. Before joining SaltStack, Mehul led multiple research teams across Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance and Asset detection at Tenable.


Paul Asadoorian - Founder & CTO at Security Weekly