Recommended WiFi Cards

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Recommended WiFi Cards

This section will cover several of the WiFi cards that have been found to work well with various drivers under Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Ubuntu WiFi Card Compatibility List

Security Tools

MadWifi Compatibility List

Aircrack compatible cards

The question of which WiFi card to buy is an ongoing one. Different cards work with different tools, all depending on the driver. Some of the more popular cards at the moment run on the Atheros chipset, which is compatible with many tools thanks to the MadWifi drivers. The only downside of the Atheros chipset is that there are no USB models. The importance of choosing the right card means that you'll be able to put it into monitor mode and do raw packet injection.

Ralink chipsets are generally less recommended, except ones that run on the rt73 driver, as these are quite compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

A few recent models that are known to work and readily available are:


Alfa AWUS036S (Ralink rt73)

D-Link DWL-G122 C1 (Ralink rt73)


Proxim 8470-WD (Atheros)

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