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Interview with Ron Gula, President and CTO of Tenable Security


  • How did you get started with computers and eventually computer security?
  • What was your first computer?
  • What was your first "security" incident (something you caused or something that happened to you)?
  • Your bio mentions that after college you joined the air force and later worked for the NSA. What inspired you to join up with the Air Force and then how did that lead into your NSA job?
  • In 1999 you wrote the original Dragon IDS. What factors inspired you to do this?
  • The rumor mill has it that you and Marty Roesch were room-mates at Clarkson. If so, were you friends then and are you still given the nature of the Dragon/Snort/Sourcefire competition?
  • Tell us about your current company, Tenable Network Security. Who are some of the other people you work with?
  • What differentiates Tenable from other players in the industry?
  • Do you feel as if you've come a long way since Dragon?
  • What are your thoughts on MOAB, responsible disclosure, and the exploit market going on in the security world today?
  • A few days ago you did a presentation at the S4 (SCADA Security Scientific Symposium) Conference on aggregating and correlating events in SCADA and control systems. What is the state of SCADA security? Do current techniques adequately mitigate risks?
  • what is your primary operating environment?
  • Being the respected man of security you are, what OS do you run and what are the major things you do to secure yourself?
  • You've presented at a variety of computer networking conferences. Did you enjoy any one conference more than the others? If so, why?
  • On our show, a recurring question is about training for entering the computer security field. What advice would you give to someone looking to break out in the field?