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'Recorded on October 22, 2019, @G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!''
== Security & Compliance News 12:00-12:30PM ==
* [https://www.corporatecomplianceinsights.com/2019-corporate-directors-survey/ PwC’s 2019 Annual Corporate Directors Survey]
* [https://www.corporatecomplianceinsights.com/what-is-the-boards-role-in-effective-risk-management/ What is the Board’s Role in Effective Risk Management?]
* [https://gdpr.report/news/2019/10/18/privacy-ceos-could-get-jail-time-for-violating-privacy-bill/ CEOs could get jail time for violating privacy bill]
* [https://www.huntonprivacyblog.com/2019/10/15/california-amends-breach-notification-law/ California Amends Breach Notification Law]
* [https://www.itsecurityguru.org/2019/10/15/technical-challenge-or-business-enabler-seizing-the-opportunity-of-pci-dss-compliance/ Technical challenge or business enabler? Seizing the opportunity of PCI DSS compliance]
* [https://www.computerweekly.com/podcast/PCI-DSS-Credit-card-data-and-what-to-expect-from-version-40 PCI DSS: Credit card data and what to expect from version 4.0]
* [https://www.darkreading.com/5-updates-from-pci-ssc-that-you-need-to-know/d/d-id/1335874 5 Updates from PCI SSC That You Need to Know]
== 2019 NACD Blue Ribbon Commission Initiative 12:30-1:00PM ==

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