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Security Weekly News Episode 21 - 2020-03-24

Episode Audio

Security Weekly News Episode 21


News - Zoombombing, Zero Days, & Signal Sciences


This week, Doug White brings you the latest news for this week, including Zoombombing, Zero Days at Microsoft, AI Takes charge at Facebook, and COVID-19! In the Expert Commentary, we welcome Daniel Hampton, Sr. Technical Account Manager at Signal Sciences, to talk Working Smarter and Not Harder! To learn more about Signal Sciences or to request a demo, visit: https://securityweekly.com/signalsciences

Doug White's Content:

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  1. Microsoft reveals two zero days in pretty much all of their platforms.
  2. FBI alerts about COVID-19 phishing scams.
  3. Facebook, Twitter, and others send home their moderators.
  4. Privacy is also threatened by COVID-19
  5. WHO COVID-19 Site.
  6. Abuse.ch launches a free Malware Repository called MalwareBazaar.
  7. Signal Sciences.
  8. Zoombombing, the new troll venue.