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[[Episode279 ]] - 2/23/2012 Gene Kim and Guest Tech Segment with Doug Burk on Security Onion.
[[Episode279 ]] - 3/8/2012 Tanya Baccam and Guest Tech Segment with Doug Burk on [http://securityonion.blogspot.com/ Security Onion].
[[Episode278 ]] - 2/16/2012 with the one, the only, Jeremiah Grossman
[[Episode278 ]] - 2/16/2012 with the one, the only, Jeremiah Grossman

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Episode279 - 3/8/2012 Tanya Baccam and Guest Tech Segment with Doug Burk on Security Onion.

Episode278 - 2/16/2012 with the one, the only, Jeremiah Grossman

Episode277 - 2/9/2012 Adam Shostack from Microsoft.

Episode276 - 2/2/2012 Joe Stewart from Secureworks and Jon Oberheide Guest Tech Segment

Episode275 - 1/27/2012 Jon "Maddog" Hall

Episode274 - 1/19/2012 HD Moore of Metasploit fame & Dave "Rel1k" Kennedy on SET 3.0.

Episode273 - 1/12/2012 features Chris "Logan" Hadnagy presenting a Guest Technical Segment on Framing in Social Engineering.

Episode272 - 1/5/2012 with Bruce Schneier and Robin "Digininja" Wood on zonetransfer.me

Episode271 - 12/22/2011 with Jason Fossen

Episode270 - 12/15/2011 with Tim Medin

Episode269 - 12/8/2011 with Katie Moussouris

Episode268 - For December 1st, 2012 with Scott Moulton and Special Guest Tech Segment featuring Matias Eissler, Anibal Leandro Sacco & Ariel Waissbein

Episode267 - Interview with Simple Nomad and Guest Tech Segment with Forensicator Chris Pogue

Episode266 - Jeff Moss and Jon DigitalBodyGuard McCoy

Episode265 - Our Twelve Hour Funcast (TM) benefit for Hackers for Charity!

Episode264 - With Ingaurdian Mike Poor

Episode263 - Pwnie Express CEO Dave Porcello and DIY UAVs for Cyber Warfare – Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform makers Rich Perkins & Mike Tassey at 7:30 PM ET

Episode262 - Charlie Miller of pwn2own fame and Alessandro Acquisti.

Episode261 - Tracking the Trackers with Brian Kennish of disconnect.me.

Episode260 - Featuring Jennifer Granick and Raphael Mudge

Episode259 - Interview with Dino A. Dai Zovi and Guest Tech Segment from Elie Bursztein on Private Browsing Modes.

Episode258 - With Alex Hutton and a Special Guest Tech Segment from Chris Grier giving us a peak into Malware economics.

Episode257 - "The Criminal Edition" with Don Bailey talkin' car thievery and Teague Newman, Tiffany Rad & John Strauchs workin' on jailbreaks (the physical, not virtual kind).

Episode256 - Friday night podcast with the one and only Mark Russinovich!

Episode255 - Thor "Hammer of God" - how can you resist that?

Episode254 - A Special Night with Trustwave's SpiderLabs (a.k.a, Guest Tech SegmentCon).

Episode253 - With Nick Selby of Police Led Intelligence.

Episode252 - With Matt Yoder, Death Envelope extraordinaire!

Episode251 - With Claudio Criscione and Dave Kennedy's new book.

Episode250 - Secret guest! Secret segment! Mystery guest X News Stories! Secret secret secret!

Episode249 - Chris Gates from Lares Consulting & Catching base64 on the network with Kevin Fiscus of NWN Corportation

Episode248 - Joshua Drake (jduck1337), Steve Carmody of Shibboleth and Eric Fiterman discusses Virtualization for Incident Responders.

Episode247 - Special preview of the upcoming Code 2600 film by Jeremy Zerechak and Guest Tech Segment with Tim Tomes.

Episode246 - Friday June 3d quickie podcast with the week's events analyzed under a beer glass.

Episode245 A. P. Delchi schools us on physical security and Moxie Marlinspike returns with information on his upcoming BlackHat class and his mobile security for android venture Whisper Systems

Episode244 - Friday podcast with Cesar Cerrudo speaking on Bypassing (even the latest) Windows services protections.

Episode243 - Marcia Hoffman of the EFF gives us safe travel tips for travelling with sensitive IP.

Episode242 - Special Friday mini-podcast.

Episode241 - Andrew Case shows us how to De-Anonymize Live CDs.

Episode240 - Fresh from SourceBoston.

Episode239 - PaulDotDerbyConPalooza! Martin Bos, IronGeek, and Dave Rel1k explain DerbyCon and give away some free tickets. Then IronGeek drinks Chartreuse while showing us some Malicious USB.

Episode238 - Chris Palmer gives us a method to fix the HTTPS/CA debacle, while Ryan Barnett dares you to a XSS Street-Fight, where The Only Rule Is: There Are No Rules

Episode237 - Michael Gough and Ian Robertson prove they are The 'Thoughtful Hackers' while Deral Heiland “PercX” & Pete Arzamendi “Bokojan” present Multi Function Printers and PRAEDA.

Episode236 - Eric Smith and Chris Nickerson talk PTES Standard, Kevin Fiscus talks risk assessment methodology, and Tim Mugherini presents malware analysis utilizing NTFS MFT Timelines.

Episode235 - ISECOM's Peter Herzog takes us back to Hacker High School and Georgia Weidman presents "Transparent Botnet Control for Smartphones Over SMS".

Episode234 - Paul and Larry podcast from the 2011 CyberWatch Mid-Atlantic CCDC

Episode233 - We mix things up as we start with a special discussion on "What’s next on the social engineering agenda?" from Sharon Conheady, followed by an interview with Ray Davidson.

Episode232 - Mikes Murray and Murr come to make their mike, er, mark on PaulDotCom.

Episode231 - Ionic Stefan Esser joins us from the land of excellent beers, and Trent "Surbo" Lo sends us an Evite for trouble.

Episode230 - Alex Horan and Chris Hoff join us to smoke cigars and talk about the cloud and general security.

Episode229 - Andrew Lockhart visits for an interview and a guest tech segment on ProxBrute by Brad Antoniewicz.

Episode228 - Special ShmooCon Edition for Saturday January 29th, 2011.

Episode227 - Joe McCray updates us on his newest venture.

Episode226 - with Scott Ullrich & Warren Baker of the pfsense firewall project & Special Guest Tech Segment with Eric Monti

Episode225 - Ed Skoudis stops by to talk about his CTF campaigns.

Episode224 - Dave Aitel Pre-Christmas festivities!

Episode223 - Cigar Lounge soiree!

Episode222 - Ron Gula Pool Party!

Episode221 - Special Thanksgiving Podcast for 2 PM EST Tuesday.

Episode220 - Rafal Los and special Guest Tech Segment by Dave "ReL1K" Kennedy

Episode219 - Brian Krebs of "Krebs on Security", and past Security Fix writer for the Washington Post.

Episode218 - Bruce Potter, Shmoo Group, Lars Ewe, CTO of Cenzic, Nessus Reports, Injecting into Memory with Metasploit

Episode217 - Felix "FX" Lindner of phenoelit fame & Judy Novak presents a Crafty Packet Evasion Technique.

Episode216 - Mati "Muts" Aharoni & Chris Hadnagy of the EPIC Social-Engineer.org podcast!

Episode215 - Cigar Lounge Edition!

Episode214 - The Euro Edition: Belgian Beer & Irish goodness, facilitated by a Brit living in Austria. Brian Honan of IRISS & European editor for SANS NewsBites.

Episode213 - Bill Brenner & Scott Hazel.

Episode212 - Travis Goodspeed hits "Party Mode" on his Belt Buckle.

Episode211 - with Vincent Liu of the upcoming Hacking Exposed Web Applications 3rd ed.

Episode210 - upSploit with Tom, Danny & Duncan and Trustwave's Nick Percoco & Chris Papathanasiou

Episode209 - Dan York and Josh Wright!

Episode208 - Dan Kaminsky shows us how to reboot the entire Internet! (maybe).

Episode207 - Chris Paget rips up RFID & GSM, while Ron Bowes harvests Facebook usernames.

Episode206 - Barnaby Jack, and tech Segment by Mark Baggett.

Episode205 - Rest in Peace, Matt.

Episode204 - Lazy Sunday Summer edition without Alex Lanstein.

Episode203 - Early afternoon edition with Alex Lanstein.

Episode202 - Ed Skoudis, Hal Pomeranz & Tim Medin swing by to celebrate 100+ of CommandLineKungFu

Episode201 - We talk about stuff. Like security-related stuff. yea. thats it.

Episode200 - June 4th 2010 - Hackers for Charity donate-a-thon.

Episode199 - Andy the IT Guy & the calm before our two week hiatus.

Episode198 - Matt Jonkman & Will Metcalf of Emerging Threats and the Open Source Intrusion Detection and Prevention engine.

Episode197 - With Chris Nickerson and Ryan Jones - also Countdown to 200!

Episode196 - SSH distribution with John Strand and lots of rants.

Episode195 - Ed Skoudis reveals what he is afraid of most...

Episode194 - Interview with Robert Hansen (RSnake)

Episode193 - Interview with Johannes Ullrich & smack talk about the iPad (not what you think)

Episode192 - Fuzzing & Lamas

Episode191 - PDC Smackdown!!! between Richard Bejtlich and Ron Gula.

Episode190 -

Episode189 - Date and Time change this week, also, we won an award (or something).

Episode188 - Interview with Daniel Suarez (Freedom)

Episode187 - Interview with Justin Morehouse and Tony Flick

Episode186 - Interview with Dave Hoelzer and tech segment with Dan Crowley

Episode185 - David Maman, CTO of GreenSQL (interview) & more Metasploit love (tech segment)

Episode184 - Former Special Agent Eric Fiterman discusses computer forensics in the Cloud/Virtual Machine era.

Episode183 - Interview with Didier Stevens.

Episode182 - Bruce Potter announces "Defense in Depth is dead".

Episode181 - Holiday Extravaganza !!!

Episode180 - Deviant picks our locks while we pick his brain, SQL injected everywhere, drinking, and holiday cheer

Episode179 - Larry's birthday, more wireless hacking and guest Ben Jackson

Episode178 - Christ Brenton talks about firewalls, perimeter protection, and cats in the office

Episode177 - The PaulDotCom crew podcasts from the workshop, smokes cigars, and hassles "The Hoff"

Episode176 - Interview with Lars Ewe, Cenzic CTO and Paul builds a HackLab

Episode175 - Mick 'Survivor' Douglas dicusses Network Packet Analysis

Episode174 - Ethan Galstad says Nagios Ain't Gonna Insist On Sainthood

Episode173 - Sock Puppets, Hacker Fury, Barcrawl and crossing streams

Episode172 - Prajakta Jagdale discusses HP SWFScan.

Episode171 - John Strand shows how Prefetching hits the "easy button".

Episode170 - Larry "HaxorYourAssOff" Pesce threatens us with "Username harvesting from Social Media"

Episode169 - Tom Wilhelm teaches us a thing or two about Pentesting.

Episode168 - Ryan Dewhurst is damn proud of how vulnerable his web apps are.

Episode167 - Moxie Marlinspike! (nuff said!).

Episode166 - Nick Harbour provides Forensic goodness via rnicrosoft.com and Larry recovers your Firefox password while PaulDotCom penetrates your VPN concentrator.

Episode165 - Daniel Suarez assures us that his hit book 'Daemon' is fiction (but becoming more possible by the day) and John Strand scans through TOR.

Episode164 - Michael Wilde stops by in true ninja fashion to enlighten us on Splunk, then throw a Ninja Smoke bomb and vanish.

Episode163 - Roelof Temmingh discusses Maltego, Mesh, & virtual populaces while PaulDotCom provides Web Spidering Tips And Tricks

Episode162 - Fresh (but not smelling fresh) from Black Hat and DEFCON, the PDC crew speak with Renaud Deraison and wish John Strands everywhere a Happy Birthday!

Episode161 - Lance Spitzner comes on the show and John Strand shows us why "V" stands for "VBScript".

Episode160 - David Rice talks Geekonomics & we learn about nmap!

Episode159 - Lee Kushner & Mike Murray give Info-sec career planning advice.

Episode158 - The SecuraBit crew stops by to wreak havoc, Larry sniffs some DECT & Mick shares Kon-Boot with us.

Episode157 - Automating SpearPhishing by Val Smith & Larry Pesce runs BackTrack from his SD Card.

Episode156 - Sorta live from SANSFire!

Episode155 - "Your PC is now Stoned! ... again" with Peter Kleissner and Dark0perator looks at running Wmic in a shell.

Episode154 - The Fab Five at Fantastic Las Freakin' Vegas! Also, Larry & Mick present "Information Disclosure via P2P Networking"

Episode153 - Dark0perator passes out some WinEnum & Stephen Sims gets fuzzy.

Episode152 - John Strand discusses sqlmap & Tom from the Security Justice podcast warns of Evil Social Bots.

Episode151 - Harlan Carvey author & forensics expert - Seth Misenar w3af for the win!

Episode150 (Special 12 hour Edition) Show Notes & Schedule

Episode149 - Web Application Security with Mandeep Khera & an Argus intro by Mick.

Episode148 - SOA messaging security with T.Rob Wyatt.

Episode147 - Hijacked (with exuberance) by www.i-hacked.com!

Episode146 - Command line Kung Fu Madness!

Episode145 - Sherri Davidoff & Jonathan Ham. Tech Segment: Network Forensics - Beyond the Hard Drive.

Episode144 - w3af, Fun with Basic auth and base64 encoding & Using WRT54GL As A Kismet Drone Update

Episode143 - In)Security Moments: Traveling Edition & Where to now? An adventure in GPS tracking

Episode142 - Marcus Carey & Metasploit Cheat Sheet

Episode141 - WMIC rocks (our) world!

Episode140 - Emulating SCADA Systems with Honeyd & You too can be an SELinux rock star w/Shlomo Dubrown

Episode139 -

Episode138 - WPAD Attacks & Metasploit 3.2 - Part I

Episode137 - Dave Shackelford & Removing PDF Metadata With Adobe Acrobat Standard/Pro

Episode136 - Dr. Eric Cole & From a Picture of the President to Exploiting the Photographer

Episode135 - Billy Rios & John Walton From The Microsoft Penetration Testing Team

Episode134 - Daniel Hoffman

Episode133 - Marcus Ranum

Episode132 - Andre' M. DiMino, Shadowserver Foundation

Episode131 - Josh Wright

Episode130 - Pass The Hash, Hold The Salt

Episode129 - Bill Brenner - Selling Security and Penetration Tests to Upper Management

Episode128 - Jason Ostrom

Episode127 - Chris Rioux (aka Dildog) & Chris Wysopal (aka Weldpond)

Episode126 - Ed Skoudis & Josh Wright

Episode125 - Simcard Forensics, an adventure in information gathering

Episode124 -

Episode123 - Gordon "Fyodor" Lyon (you know, that Nmap dude!)

Episode122 - Jay Beale Interview

Episode121 - White Wolf Interview & Kismet - Mike Kershaw, Renderman, Thorn

Episode120 - Paul's Quick & Dirty Web App Testing Tips

Episode119 Show Notes

Episode118 Show Notes

Episode117 Show Notes

Episode116 Show Notes

Episode115 Show Notes

Episode114 Show Notes

Episode113 Show Notes

Show notes for episodes 111 and 112 are temporarily unavailable. If you are looking for the WiFi and/or Bluetooth adapters mentioned in episode 112, please click here

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